Medieval fair schedule, Malbork

Our medieval fair video got way more traction than we ever dreamed we would get! Thank you so much 🥹 we are completely overwhelmed!

I wanted to post the image here of the medieval fair's schedule! In case anyone is thinking of going/planning a trip and wants to see the schedule ahead of time

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Sanity has gifs!?

I had this weird argument once with some guy that thinks it's supposed to be pronounced with a hard "g". clearly that guy doesn't realize the creator of gifs says it's a soft J sound


this one lady sent me this great gif, like peanut butter

check it out guys!

itsa meeee


Discover Gdynia's Best Eats: A Local's Top Picks for Eating Out

Neon Gdynia

Looking for the best spots to eat in Gdynia? You're in luck! Here are some of my favorite places to eat out in Gdynia. I've had many friends visit me in Gdynia over the years and this is where I usually take them.

  • Bar Mleczny Sloneczny - Visit this place if you want to experience an authentic Polish milk bar. The menu changes daily and consists almost exclusively of typical Polish foods. I recommend kompot, kotlet schabowy and soups. Probably the most affordable place in the center of Gdynia.

  • Ogniem i Piecem Świętojańska - affordable casual pizza place in the center of Gdynia. They serve pizza by the slice, breakfasts, pastas and cakes. It's dog-friendly, has good music, friendly atmosphere and a vaguely "street style" hip vibe.

  • Taverna Zante and Cozzi - a Greek restaurant and an Italian restaurant, both on the same street and with the same owner. Casual dining places with cocktails and Greek / Italian staples. Outdoor seating in spring and summer.

  • Tandyr House, Aga Puri and ISIKA - three Georgian bakeries on Świętojańska street. Tandyr House and ISIKA have small seating areas and most ...

gdyniapolandtravelfoodfoodiestrojmiastotricitytravel guide

New video is up! Medieval Faire at the World's largest Castle!!

Hey guys! We finally posted this new video

Sorry that it took so long to post! I went around telling friends about this video and finally it took me more than 2 weeks to edit. It isn't my full time job, rather a hobby, so Thank you For being so patient with me <3

We love our 14 subscribers <3

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Why using Duolingo kind of sucks

I have been trying really hard to use Duolingo French so that I can impress some french skunks but I gotta say that shit is real painful.

First of all, it moves so fucking slowly. Like dog, I been doing Duolingo everyday for 4 days and learned nothing new, I am getting 100% on all my lessons and nothing new is introduced. And it's not that I am learning French somewhere else and then doing Duolingo. No. This is literally the only way I started learning any French. I didn't know what "Bonjour" meant two weeks ago. But Holy Shit. Duolingo really presumes their users are fucking idiots and cannot learn anything. Why does it move so god damn slow.

And the latest updates have NOT helped. Okay if I am getting like 70% or something this could be an issue but 100% on every lesson? and it is teaching the same shit over and over again?

This is yet another example of us moving just as fast as the slowest fucking student, another way no child left behind has infiltrated our education system

just let the idiots alone to drown, this is some survival of the fittest shit not, "little jimmy takes 4 days to learn how to greet someone in a foreign language so we gotta wait for him to figure it out"

Okay this happens in language classes too, but on a slightly lesser extent. It is still awful though.

duolingolanguage learning
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Other than its simplicity and brevity, I don't get how the book "Caps for Sale" is for kids. It's the story of this hat salesman who's having a slow day selling hats in town, so he decides to go out to the countryside. He walks out past the edge of town, past churches and houses, and when he tires himself, finds a tree to nap on.

Oh, he has this big tall stack of caps on his head that are arranged by color; that's an important part of the story.

Anyways, man goes down for a nap against the tree. When he wakes up, he finds that only his cap remains on his head. His cap is a checked cap.

He's way confused. As the book goes, "he looks to the right. He looks to the left. He looks behind the tree. No caps."

But then he looks up - into the tree. "And what do you think he saw?", goes the children's book.

Welp, there's a bunch of monkeys in the tree who are all wearing his caps.

Actually, since we know "his" cap remained on his head, the story seems to distinguish between "his" caps and the caps he was selling. It could be assumed, then, that these caps aren't even his. Perhaps he's selling them for another. Perhaps he himself took them from someone else. We cannot know.

The man gets very angry. After a few rounds of looking at the monkeys and wagging his fingers while imploring the monkeys to give him back "his" (again, "he" has "his" checked cap still on "his" head at this point), the monkeys don't give up the caps.

Finally, man gets very angry. Instead of wagging hi...

children's bookslife lessons
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Is foodie beauty's downfall imminent?

there have been recent reports that foodie beauty's downfall is imminent. Her videos lately have been getting less and less views. And let's be honest, she's just...kind of boring now. Recently she even uploaded two videos of...a grocery haul?

The beginning

Foodie beauty's peak was during what people refer to the "Nader" saga. This was a time when she was dating a...rather questionable but unquestionably abusive and overall just not a bad guy. There was a lot of live drama between the two of them, basically the typical toxic, on and off relationship (with some substances involved) which people enjoyed watching. Mostly because we could see in real time this lady making poor decisions over and over again. It was mind boggling and it was hard to turn your eyes away. Chantal received little sympathy online because of how controversial she was and she was not liked online because of many of the things she had said. Chantal just came off as a mean person at the end of the day.

So what happened?

Chantal broke the golden rules of youtube.

  1. don't be boring
  2. don't be unlikeable/mean
  3. don't fuck with cats

by breaking those 3 rules, you basically ensure your downfall on that platform. People generally don't want to support unlikeable characters. That's a given, people love cats, and people go on youtube at the very least to be entertained. You might be able to risk breaking some of these rules, but breaking ALL of them (and arguably, o...

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Debugging AWS Backup Error

My S3 backups, automated and on-demand, were failing with this error:

IAM Role arn:aws:iam::<role-id>:role/service-role/AWSBackupDefaultServiceRole does not have sufficient permissions to execute the backup

This happened even when using the default role, which should automatically receive the required permissions:

Eventually, I realized that the default role should receive all of the following permissions:

  • AWSBackupServiceRolePolicyForRestores
  • AWSBackupServiceRolePolicyForBackup
  • AWSBackupServiceRolePolicyForS3Backup
  • AWSBackupServiceRolePolicyForS3Restore

In my case, the last two permissions, that is AWSBackupServiceRolePolicyForS3Backup and AWSBackupServiceRolePolicyForS3Restore were, for reasons that are unknown to me, missing. I manually created these missing permissions and assigned them to a new role:

aws backupamazon web servicesprogrammings3devopsawssoftware engineering

Foodie Beauty rushes back to Kuwait after cheating scandal

Foodie Beauty (chantal marie) had recently returned to canada in order to acquire treatment for her diabetes, which had gotten out of hand (her blood sugar was well into the 400s).

Initially she was planning on staying for even a year or so as she waited to get a family doctor (although I have a lot of questions as to how she was planning on maintaining her blood sugar, or why she didn't get treatment in Kuwait, remains a mystery) but now she is rushing back to Kuwait after it came out that her "husband" was cheating

so yeah, gotta keep him on a tight leash I guess. That's the root of a healthy marriage right?

gorl worldchantal mariechantal showfoodie beautyflobby bobby
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The Thai Letter ว (Waw Wăen)

Learning a new language always starts with understanding its alphabet and sounds. One of the letters in the Thai alphabet that beginners encounter is ว (Waw Wăen). This letter is unique as it serves both as a consonant and a vowel. Let's dive in to learn about its pronunciation and usage.

Pronunciation of ว

As a consonant, represents the sound /w/ which is similar to the English 'w' as in 'water'. It is a voiced labio-velar approximant, and you will find it at the beginning of a syllable.

When functions as a vowel, it approximates the sound /ua/ as in the English word 'quality'. It is only used this way after a consonant within the same syllable, making it a part of a more complex vowel sound.

Now that we understand the pronunciation and role of ว, let's introduce some beginner-level words that contain this letter.

Vocabulary with ว

  1. ชิ้นส่วน (chín sùan) - A noun, meaning "parts" or "pieces".
  2. อย่างรวดเร็ว (yàng rùat rew) - An adverbial phrase, meaning "quickly" or "rapidly".
  3. วัว (wua) - A noun, meaning "cow".

Sentences Using ชิ้นส่วน, อย่างรวดเร็ว, and วัว

thai languagelanguage learningthai letter วthaiforeign languagesthai alphabetthai vocabulary
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Why France sucks - a serious post/talk about a topic everyone else refuses to speak about


yeah, I get it. Hating a country is pretty controversial nowadays, especially in the woke era. And to be clear, I think racial injustice/gender inequality are totally valid things to speak about (and in fact will be the two things I discuss here), but I fear we have gone into the opposite direction: basically now we can't criticize anything. It appears, at least to me, nuanced is dead, and you're either far right or far left. I think rather, we should be able to criticize things otherwise you come out with people who go way the opposite of the spectrum (dudes like Andrew Tate).

Why am I qualified to talk about this? I lived in France for 3 years, so yeah, I have some experience. I lived in both Paris and the south in Nice, and I promise you this is not just a "Paris" problem. I will post some links to other articles too, to make my point.


if you're not white or black (and a man), stay the fuck out of France, because you will have a really bad time. Hell even if you are white and black, make sure you don't get caught in the "wrong" hood. I have heard from many colleagues about the harassment they can receive if you enter the wrong neighborhood, with many people usually shouting at you but also there is a real risk of getting jumped.

When I lived in France, I literally could not leave my house for a single day without having racist remarks shouted at me. Not. A....

anti-frenchanti-francefrance is terriblefrance is horriblewhy france sucks

Understanding the Thai Letter ไ

Pronunciation of ไ

The symbol "ไ" represents the long vowel sound /ai/ (as in "eye"). It's important to note that "ไ" always precedes the consonant it's associated with, which might be a bit of a twist for English speakers, as in Thai script, vowels can be written before, above, below, after, or even around the consonants.

When "ไ" is combined with a consonant, it forms a syllable that sounds like "ai" followed by the consonant sound. For example, when paired with the consonant "ก" (g), it would be pronounced like "ไก" and sound similar to the English word "guy."

Introduction to Vocabulary Words

Let's look at some basic Thai words that include the vowel symbol "ไ":

  1. จำได้ว่า (jam dâi wâ) – means "remember that"
  2. ไมล์ (mai) – means "mile" and it is a borrowed word from English
  3. ได้ยิน (dâi yin) – means "to hear"

Each of these words includes the "ไ" sound, which is a helpful practice in getting comfortable with this aspect of Thai pronunciation.

Using the Words in Sentences

thai languagethai vocabularythai letter ไthaithai alphabetlearn thaibeginner thailanguage learning
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#The unhinged series is my favorite series

So one of my favorite youtubers has begun an uncringed series and I fucking love it. I am a glutton for punishment and I love/hate a good cringe and boy does it deliver.

check out this video of this dude at a gym trying to pick up a lady, it's so horrifyingly cringy and just awful at every turn. You'll struggle legitimately to watch it without having to pause so I am so glad in this video we can go back to Charlie's comments every once in awhile. Otherwise I would've just straight up died.

Also why are all the creeps at the gym? Bruh, people go there to work out not socialize and somehow ALL the creeps end up there!?

Also it's always middle aged dudes, wtf is happening with human men, there is a midlife crisis pandemic, and I think that #WHO should look into this before people get hurt (if they haven't already)

cr1tikalmoist charlieunhingedcringemidlife crisis
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breaking news in gorl world! if you haven't been keeping up, Becky (Amberlynn's ex) has spoken out about her relationship with Amber. After more than a year of silence she has finally posted once again on her youtube channel (kindagoodkindabeck)

She spoke about how she felt isolated, lonely, and how taxing it was for becky to have to take care of Amber during her relationship. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to be a caretaker at that young of an age (she was in her mid 20s at that time). Amber was completely dependent on Becky, to get food, to driver her places, even to bathe and wipe her. Amber was unable to do anything on her own and even at one point was bedbound.

The saddest part about the whole thing, at least for me is that Becky was denied time with her mother before she passed. Amber would always throw fits whenever her partner wanted to leave and becky was not an exception to this. Because of this, Becky was very isolated from her family and did not get that time with her mom. That really breaks my heart, I can't imagine the way Becky must be feeling. I imagine she probably feels a lot of guilt about it but Becky if you ever read this, know it's not your fault. you were in a manipulative and abusive relationship, and your mother loved you very much and she understands. The story around becky is super heartbreaking, she has indicated in her most recent update that she still struggles. She works at a ...

gorl worldamberlynn reidbeckybecky's exabusive relationships
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oh my god, this is the worst one I've seen

jesus fucking christ this is absolutely the worst cringe material I have ever heard in my life. I audibly gasped out loud and had to close my eyes through much of it. This is the type of guy that would monologue over you if you ever went out with him, best case scenario. But he's also the type of guy that would be monologuing while dismembering your body in his bathtub.

Jesus Christ. This takes the cake. I'm getting off the internet now. Forever

Good bye

cr1tikalcringedon't be this guyhow to not get a datemasochism
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Polish News Summary: Waste Imports, Black Friday Rights, Nuclear Power Plant, and VAT Debate

1. PiS Government Allows Import of Hundreds of Tons of Waste to Poland

The Polish government has approved the importation of 177,000 tons of waste to Poland, with 70% of it coming from Germany. This decision has sparked controversy and been criticized by many, as Poland is already struggling with the management of its own waste. The importation of hazardous waste has been seen as lacking morality and against the interests of Poland's environment. Read more

2. Black Friday and Consumer Rights in Poland

As Black Friday approaches, the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, Tomasz Chróstny, highlights consumer rights during this period. He reminds consumers that their rights for returns and refunds during Black Friday sales are the same as during regular sales periods. Online shoppers have 14 days to return a product, while traditional shoppers should check the return policy of the specific store they purchased from. He also emphasized that sellers should clearly inform customers about their return options. Read more

3. Last Days to Apply for "Dobry Start" Benefit

Parents have until November 30th to...

polandnewspoland newspisblack fridayszymon hołownianuclear powerpolitics
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Why Gorl world has the strangest audience

If you've ever been a part of gorl world, you know the audience is...they can be a bit scary. Why you ask? Often fans of gorl world will nitpick little details in Amber's videos, there have even been incidences where Chantal and Amberlynn were doxxed, pictures of Amber's gfs surfaced (even when asked for privacy) even info about some of her other exs surfaced as well. So it seems like, if you're a cast member on gorl world, even if you're not a main character you're subject to the same careful scrutiny as the gorls. And that's not to mention the ecosystem of dozens of reaction channels JUST on the girls. That is insane! what gives? surely this audience is much more unique than the audience of other youtubers. Well, I have a theory.

Amber and Chantal started on youtube quite a few years ago, when there was arguably less content online. Their strength lies rather in their quantity of uploads rather than their quality. Their videos come from an era when, people liked watching lifestyle vlogs and mukbangs (and while this content still exists on youtube, I would argue they have already had their peak, and other newer content now might be more popular). Well, when you upload videos, and consistently (I use the word consistently loosely here) you're bound to eventually gather up subscribers and people interested in watching your video. The problem is, with both Chantal and Amber is that, while other people strived to improve their conten...

gorl worldchantal marieamberlynn reidwild theoriesgorl world audience

I bought flip flops to wear around the house and it changed my life

Okay so I actually grew up in a house with carpet, so I never realize how much this carpet...cushioned my feet? I guess. And other times when I had a hardwood floor I would wear slippers

well for a few months when I was walking around my apartment barefoot I noticed I was having pain in my feet.

I thought it was because I was wearing shoes that were about a size and a half too small. So i got new shoes, and while this did help, I did have some pain remaining anyways.

My partner kindly pointed out that I should be wearing shoes inside the house. Because we live in a place with hardwood floors, so walking around barefoot only in socks was putting a lot of pressure onto my feet.

Once I realized and spent about 7 pln on shoes, the pain began to subside. I pace a lot more around the house now because I don't have pain in my feet. Anyways this has really changed my life. Thought I could put it out there for other people to know that if you have hardwood floors, it really is necessary to wear shoes throughout the house.

hard wood floorsbig shoefeetflip flopshealth

Kaibella is back!!!

Our favorite new queen of gorl world is back! For those that are uninitiated/unfamiliar, Kaibella exposed Chantal's husband for cheating. Apparently they've been talking for a few weeks, check out Kaibella's twitter @sharmotaworld2 for the receipts, I think she's quite funny

For the summary, Chantal is back in Kuwait (she had to rush back after finding out her husband was cheating), and it seems like the furniture is new? hmm interesting 🤔 oh yeah, seems Salah had changed the furniture since on the old blue couch he had taken a...splooogey picture to have sent to Kai, so he needed to redecorate in order to avoid more drama around it. Although at this point the cat's out of the bag

personally, I can't believe Chantal is going out of her way to buy lingerie, editing her pictures to look like Kai (seriously, I can't) and now says she is "serious" about her weight loss journey. She went out of her way to flag many of Kai's videos on tiktok as well, which I think is insane. I can't believe she is going after Kai even though HER HUSBAND cheated. like gorl, Kai isn't the problem, it's your skeevy husband

wishing all the best to Kai, I hope she gets her tiktok back

gorl worldchantal mariesharmotaworld2foodie beauty

#FoodieBeauty and LifePlusCindy cautionary tales about desperation

I notice that more and more people are making comparisons between FoodieBeauty and LifePlusCindy, when it comes to their "man".

Mainly that, it seems both relationships seem to be due more to convenience and desperation rather than mutual love, respect and caring for each other, aspects of a healthy relationship.

Chantal's relationship recently was exposed because her husband was cheating on her, but this wasn't any normal kind of cheating; this guy had some very strange fetishes. r*pe, pee, poo, this was the type of thing he was into and it was...wild to say the least. Reading the receipts (voice messages and text messages) made me feel super uncomfy.

As for Cindy's lover, he has been exposed as someone who was trolling the reddit forums on Arkansas swingers and Arkansas hotwives (also for swingers I believe) and many people believe that he is a sleazy guy. We don't even really have to guess because during a livestream, he admitted openly to being a "mansplainer and degenerate". Can you imagine that type of person who willingly describes himself that way? Cindy also said that he's "not normal".

I really hate this guy profusely and I don't think he is good for her. Also he's just kind of gross. I would much MUCH rather be single than date this guy. Ew. He is always greasy and ungroomed in every single one of his appearances on her instagram. Disgusting. Does this guy ever shower?

He also took her to a...

foodie beautychantal showlifepluscindygorl world

the "castles" in the United States are horrible abominations. We need to demolish them.

Yo for real has anyone ever heard of Hearst castle?

I use castle in the same loose way that these fuckers who built this horrendous thing do. Basically some rich knob back in the 20s or some shit decided he really liked European castles so he decided to build his own.

It's so fucking ugly.

He basically just took aspects of things he liked from different architecture styles from medieval, renaissance, Spanish, German, French, Gothic, whatever who gives a fuck and blended them all together into the ugliest most horrible piece of shit pile of building materials ever imaginable. I would hardly consider this a castle.

I guess money really can't buy good taste.

But we should definitely destroy it because it's ugly and it is an insult to European culture

castles we need to demolishhearst castlecaliforniadestroy american castlesdemolish american castles

Gorl World updates: Amberlynn Reid takes back her crown as gorl world queen, July 25

I've been super busy lately, but I wanted to write a short little update on Gorl World because

  1. I'm obsessed
  2. Gorl world is so difficult to keep up on I am sure I cannot be the only one

Anyways, breaking news! Amberlynn Reid and Jade/Wifey have broken up! The gorlverse was starting to get pretty stale to be honest, as a result of Amberlynn Reid not leaving the house and most of her videos were sit down and talking videos. Her gf at the time refused to be present on her youtube channel, and with ALR not having friends, well it made for really stale footage without any side characters. Her views began to drop and most of us were paying attention instead to Chantal. At this point, most of the drama laid around her getting another cat after having moving to Kuwait amid allegations that she had neglected her previous animals. At this point she was "trying" to lose weight, while simultaneously filming mukbangs of herself eating copious amounts of fast food/takeaways. I am kind of impressed that the gorls could eat out so much. it really is expensive to be maintaining that amount of mass.

Currently post break-up ALR seems to not be doing so well. She has admitted that the break-up was not mutual and she wants Jade back. Many people (myself included) had already suspected the break-up was likely not mutual. Post the "WLS surgery Era" she seems to be doing really poorly on her weightloss a...

alrgorl worldgorlworld

Foodie Beauty's bittersweet return

Foodie Beauty's views are now starting to come back, surprising everyone who really believed (myself included) that her channel was on the downturn. What was the new shocking video about?'s official, FoodieBeauty has been diagnosed with type two diabetes. An absolutely devastating and difficult to control disease. This is quite sad, although personally, I never quite liked her so I don't feel that much sympathy. Let me be clear I'm not a psychopath that is happy about the news, I do find it sad, but at the end of the day, she is living the consequences of her actions. Her audience, doctors, literally everyone has been telling her this was inevitable.

In honor of (???) Foodie beauty's return I wanted to talk a little bit about type 2 diabetes that might be interesting to the readers

Diet, exercise and fasting are all great ways to reduce blood sugar. The ultimate goal is to lose weight, however, exercise, which i don't see mentioned often, increases blood glucose uptake due to up regulation of glut4 receptors on myocytes. I say that because I often see people might want to ignore exercise because "you can't outrun a bad diet" and while this is true, exercise serves other purposes than simple calorie burning. For more info, I definitely recommend checking out exercised by daniel lieberman. it's one of my favorite books about exercise and I definitely think it can be encouraging to the average person.

People seem to be shocked...

foodie beautychantal mariegorl worldfoodiebeautychantal show

The Thai Letter ฟ: An Introduction for Beginners

Understanding the Letter ฟ

The Thai alphabet consists of 44 consonants, and the letter is one of them. It is the 36th letter in the Thai alphabet and is called "ฟัน" (fan) which translates to "tooth" in English. The character symbolizes the sound of the English letter 'F' and is categorized under low-class consonants in the Thai language.


The pronunciation of ฟ is similar to the 'f' sound as in the English words "fish" or "fun." When pronouncing ฟ, place your upper teeth gently on your lower lip and release air to create the sound. It's a voiceless sound, meaning you don't use your vocal cords while pronouncing it.

Thai Vocabulary with ฟ

Here are some beginner-level Thai words that use the letter ฟ:

  • ไฟไหม้ (fai mài) - Fire, meaning "burning"
  • ฟรี (free) - Free, as in no cost
  • ลิฟท์ (lift) - Lift, or elevator

These words provide a glimpse of how ฟ is used in Thai and allow for practice with simple vocabulary.

thai languagethai alphabetthailearn thailanguage learningthai letter ฟbeginner thaithai consonants
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How I implemented slugs on Sanity - a TypeScript code sample

The lack of human-readable slugs on Sanity had bothered me for a while and I finally got around to fixing them last Sunday. The old, slugless URL structure probably wasn't doing me any favors in terms of SEO and user experience. I'm hoping the new format can give Sanity a much needed SEO boost. Plus, I can finally tell which post is which in Google Search Console and Vercel Analytics.

The Result



Isn't this much clearer?

The Code

When writing the code I had the following goals in mind:

programmingjavascriptmongoosebuilding in publicmongodb
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#Foodie Beauty's Husband's Cheating Has Been Revealed in the WORST way

So this lady called @Sharmotaworldx on twitter just dumped a bunch of screenshots and videos showcasing some texts with Chantal's husband Salah. And the texts were wild. Apparently this guy has some seriously....taboo toilet and grape stuff if you catch my drift. It was really gross. You can find the originals on kiwifarms or from reaction channels like AlexIsShook or Zachary Michael. However I don't recommend you actually find the original messages, they're just SUPER uncomfy to listen to. I found them and I definitely regret it, like this is all the details you need.

Foodie Beauty did go back on and rage about finding this out, Salah confirmed it was him, but apparently she forgives him and is calling SharmotaWorldx a bunch of names (typical, misogynist Chantal, yikes).

the whole thing is a dumpster fire , I was getting really bored with Chantal's material, and I was honestly not that interested in the return to Canada arc but man it is getting weird.

chantal mariechantal showfoodie beautygorl worldsharmotaworldx

Why Working for Pioneer Academics Might Not Be Your Best Move

If you're on the hunt for a new job, eager to make a difference in the educational sector, you might have stumbled upon Pioneer Academics in your search. While the prospect of working for a company that links students with research opportunities sounds fulfilling, there's more to the story that every potential employee should know.

The Inside Scoop: Not as Glittery as It Seems

I dove into the Pioneer Academics adventure, hoping to contribute to a noble cause. However, the reality was far from what I had envisioned. Here's why you might want to think twice before joining their ranks.

  1. Misleading Positive Reviews At first glance, Pioneer Academics appears to be a beacon of positivity, but a closer look reveals a different story. Many glowing reviews seem to originate from accounts linked to the company's own employees, possibly those working under conditions far removed from the promises made to new recruits. This orchestrated effort to boost their online image can be misleading for those considering employment.

  2. Underpayment and Overwork: The Norm The allure of working for an educational company quickly fades when faced with the reality of compensation and workload. Reports suggest that employees, particularly those in the Philippines, are paid meager wages for full days of work. This practice not only undercuts the value of hard work but also raises ethical concerns about the company's operations.

  3. ...

worst employersunethical companiespioneer academics reviewpioneer academics workpioneer academicspioneer academics scam

Pioneer Academics Review: The Hidden Truth Behind the Scam

Ever stumbled upon Pioneer Academics, promising an educational nirvana for high school students a mere $6000? Before you dive in, let's unpack why this might not be the golden opportunity it's painted as. This article is your go-to guide, shedding light on the real Pioneer Academics experience and why you might want to think twice.

Is Pioneer Academics Worth Your Time and Money?

At first glance, Pioneer Academics offers the world: work with a research professor and earn college credits. Sounds dreamy, right? But here's the catch: that dream comes with a hefty price tag of $6000. Here's a thought—why not reach out to local university professors directly? That's how I landed my first research gig, and guess what? It didn't cost me a penny. Better yet, they paid me!

Customer Service Nightmares: A Pioneer Academics Reality

When it comes to customer support, Pioneer Academics' approach is, frankly, abysmal. Outsourcing their backbone to the Philippines, they've turned what should be a seamless process into a frustrating game of chance. Ever tried their "emergency hotline"? More like a one-way ticket to voicemail limbo.

The Ethical Quandary of Supporting Pioneer Academics

Now, let's talk ethics. Charging students $6000 while underpaying—or in some cases, not paying—their staff, Pioneer Academics' business model is questionable at best. It's a stark reminder that not all that glitters is gold, especially in...

popular scamscollegeuniversitypioneer academicsreviewspioneer academics reviewsunethical companiesworst employers

Understanding the Thai Letter า (Long Ah)

When you begin to learn Thai, you'll quickly encounter the vowel symbol า, which is one of the most common vowels in the Thai language. In Thai, it is called "สระ อา" (sà-rà aa), where "สระ" means 'vowel', and "อา" is the sound it represents. This vowel is crucial because it appears in many Thai words, from the most simple to the most complex.

Pronunciation of า

The pronunciation of า is similar to the 'ah' sound in the English word "spa." It is important to note that it's a long vowel sound, meaning you should stretch out the 'ah' when you pronounce it. Remember, vowel length can change the meaning of a word in Thai, so it's important to get it right.

Introduction to Thai Words with า

Here are a few Thai words using the vowel า:

  • ตัวอย่างเช่น (dtua-yàang chên): for example
  • หา (hăa): to look for / to find
  • กระดาษ (grà-dàat): paper

Simple Sentences Using Words with า

Let's see how to use these words in simple Thai sentences:

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This week, on Foodie Beauty; more drama, Peetz spills the tea on Chantal, and she gets another youtuber into hot water (Takat)

There's some drama brewing in gorl world this week, as Chantal is exposed for some of her lies.

First up, Peetz goes on live and reveals that Chantal is on a tourist visa, exposing a big lie that she is a resident in Kuwait. She is married so shouldn't she be on a residency visa? or maybe she is in the process of applying for it and hasn't quite gotten it yet. Either way, she was caught in a lie as she was telling people that she had residency in Kuwait, which has been exposed as not true. I think if she really is married to Salah (a topic which has been hotly debated in gorl world), she should've just been honest about waiting for her residency permit. But perhaps this is revealing a bigger lie about her; which is that she maybe in a misyar marriage, or not even really married to him at all. Only Chantal knows the truth to that.


has anyone noticed she has changed her name from foodie beauty to everyday mariam? this may be in response to the soon to be released documentary by Mr. Snowflake about her. His documentaries are known to be quite thorough, and Chantal, having claimed to be a "changed woman" may not be keen on having some of these things brought out about her in the documentary. Since the Kuwait arc began, she has been trying to seem much more pious, a "changed woman" as she puts it, and seems to be seeking a more Muslim audien...

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Leetcode - Add Two Numbers - Two Solutions

You are given two non-empty linked lists representing two non-negative integers. The digits are stored in reverse order, and each of their nodes contains a single digit. Add the two numbers and return the sum as a linked list.

Full problem here.

Solution 1. Based on this solution

var addTwoNumbers = function(l1, l2) {
    const head = new ListNode(0)

    let firstNode = l1
    let secondNode = l2
    let currentNode = head
    let carry = 0

    while (firstNode || secondNode || carry) {
        const firstValue = firstNode?.val || 0
        const secondValue = secondNode?.val || 0
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Hey I’m new here - I suck really badly at social media and I need someone to do it for me….


Why Pioneer Academics is recklessly dangerous

This is going to be an article about how Pioneer Academics handles the data that you give them. When you sign up for Pioneer Academics they'll ask for your phone number, email address, parents' names, email addresses and phone numbers as well. When you work there they ask employees the same thing. The data is put into an excel file which is shared among employees. I was not informed about this when I was asked for this information.

The employees who have access to the files are numerous to say the least but I can't give an exact number. What I can say is that the employees who are hired are never asked to sign NDAs, and are numerous due to the high turnover rate.

When employees are hired they are hired at an excess of 80% hire rate. I was really surprised at how high the hire rate was, while at other companies I worked at the hire rate was around only 1/6 employees or 1/10. I really thought the time I was hired that Pioneer Academics had just started out, which is why there were so many open spots open. What I didn't realize was the poor conditions of working and abuse of employees which led to many people quitting or contracts terminated without warning, very often because any employee that asked for better treatment or better time management from the management were immediately fired. Management accepted no complaints.

This is relevant because the high turnover rate increases the number of people who have access to this ...

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Mandarin Words for Beginners - 楼下, 上课 and 起

In this article, we will explore three important Mandarin words that are commonly used in daily conversation: 楼下 (lóu xià), 上课 (shàng kè), and 起 (qǐ). We will break down the characters that make up these words, as well as provide three example sentences for each to help you understand how they can be used in context.

楼下 (lóu xià)

The word 楼下 is a compound of two characters: 楼 (lóu) and 下 (xià). 楼 refers to a building or a floor of a building, while 下 means 'down' or 'below'. When put together, 楼下 (lóu xià) literally translates to 'downstairs' or 'below the building', referring to the area on the ground floor or near the building.

Example Sentences for 楼下:

  1. 我在楼下等你。

    • Wǒ zài lóu xià děng nǐ.
    • I am waiting for you downstairs.
  2. 超市在我们楼下。

    • Chāoshì zài wǒmen lóu xià.
    • The supermarket is downstairs.
  3. 你可以在楼下的咖啡厅见我。

    • Nǐ kěyǐ zài lóu xià de kāfēitīng jiàn wǒ.
    • You can meet me at the coffee shop downstairs.
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An Introduction to the Thai Letter ด (Dor Dek)

Understanding the Letter ด in Thai Language

The Thai alphabet is a fundamental aspect of learning the Thai language. Among its consonants, the letter ด, pronounced "Dor Dek," plays a pivotal role. It is the 14th letter in the Thai alphabet and is categorized under the middle class consonants. Dor Dek represents the sound /d/ as in "dog" when it is at the beginning of a syllable. This sound is similar to the English 'd,' but in Thai, it is slightly softer and not as forcefully voiced.

In Thai, consonants are often named after an object or an animal that starts with that sound, making it easier to remember. For the letter ด, the word "dek" (เด็ก) means "child," which is the associative word for this consonant.

Pronunciation of ด (Dor Dek)

When pronouncing ด (Dor Dek), you should place the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth, just like when you say the 'd' in "dog" in English. However, ensure that your voice is softer and less tense than in English. In Thai, aspiration or a puff of air that comes out with certain consonant sounds is not present, making each pronunciation sound gentler.

Words Using ด

Now, let's look at some Thai words that use the letter ด:

  1. อย่างรวดเร็ว – pronunced "yaang ruat reo," meaning "quickly" or "rapidly."
  2. เสียงดัง – pronounced "siang dang," meaning "loud sound" or "loud noise."
  3. ด้านซ้าย – pronounced "daan saai," meaning "left side."
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Understanding and Using the Mandarin Words 旁边, 电视机, and 他们

Mandarin Chinese is a fascinating language built upon characters that often encapsulate more primitive meanings. For beginner learners, understanding and using the basic vocabulary is essential. Here, we explore three common Mandarin words: 旁边 (pángbiān), 电视机 (diànshìjī), and 他们 (tāmen). Each character and word tell its own story, contributing to the language's richness and precision.

旁边 (Pángbiān) - Beside, Next to

旁 (páng) translates to "side" while 边 (biān) means "edge." When combined, "旁边" means "beside" or "next to." It's used to describe the position of an object or person in relation to another.

Example Sentences:

  1. 书桌在床的旁边。

    • Shūzhuō zài chuáng de pángbiān.
    • The desk is next to the bed.
  2. 请坐在我旁边。

    • Qǐng zuò zài wǒ pángbiān.
    • Please sit beside me.
  3. 超市在银行的旁边。

    • Chāoshì zài yínháng de pángbiān.
    • The supermarket is next to the bank.
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The Thai Letter ถ: Introduction and Usage for Beginners

Introduction to the Letter ถ

In the Thai script, the letter ถ, known as "ทะห์เอก" (thà-hɔ̀ːk), is the third consonant of the Thai alphabet. It represents the unvoiced aspirated sound /tʰ/, which can be thought of as an aspirated 't' sound, similar to the 't' in English when saying "top", but with a puff of air following.

This letter is classified in Thai as a low-class consonant, which is important to know for tone rules when learning to read and write Thai sentences correctly.


The pronunciation of ถ is not too difficult for English speakers to master. To practice, try saying the English word "tall" and notice how the 't' is pronounced. Now, add a bit of extra breath after the 't', as if you are blowing out a candle. This aspirated sound is what you're trying to achieve with ถ.

Introduction to Words with ถ

Now let's look at some basic Thai words that include the letter ถ:

  • ถือ (thûea) - to hold or to carry
  • ถือเอา (thûea ao) - to assume or to take it that
  • รถไฟ (rót fâi) - train (literally "car fire")
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Pioneer Academics: A Critical Evaluation for Aspiring College Applicants

As a high school student with aspirations of attending a top-tier college, you may be considering various opportunities to enhance your college application. One such program that has garnered attention is Pioneer Academics, which offers a research experience and college credits for a substantial fee of $6,500. While the prospect of working with a professor and gaining research experience may seem enticing, it is crucial to critically evaluate the value of this investment before committing your financial resources.

The High Cost of Pioneer Academics

The most significant deterrent to participating in Pioneer Academics is the exorbitant cost of $6,500. For most high school students and their families, this represents a considerable financial burden. It is essential to weigh the potential benefits against the opportunity cost of allocating such a substantial sum towards a single program.

Alternative Paths to Research Experience

While Pioneer Academics may offer a structured research experience, it is important to recognize that there are alternative avenues to gain similar exposure without the heavy financial burden. Consider the following options:

  1. Reaching Out to Local Professors: Many university professors are receptive to high school students who demonstrate a genuine interest in their field of study. By craft...
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The Real Deal About Pioneer Academics: Why Your Money Deserves Better

Hey there, future college superstar! 🌟 Are you poring over ways to beef up that college application? Eyeing Pioneer Academics, thinking it’s your golden ticket to Ivy League glory? Hold up and hear us out first. Before you part ways with a cool $6000, let's dive into why that might not be your best move and what you could do instead.

Pioneer Academics: The Pricey Path Not Worth Taking

First off, yes, Pioneer Academics promises the moon: work alongside a professor, embark on a research journey, and snag some college credits. But here’s the kicker: all that glitters isn’t gold, especially not at the steep price of $6000. 🚀💸

Think About It: Is the Investment Worth It?

Imagine what you could do with $6000. That’s a whole lot of college textbooks, a semester’s worth of pizza, or even better, savings towards your actual college tuition. So, before you decide to invest in a promise, consider the real cost and what you're getting in return.

Unlock Better Opportunities Without Breaking the Bank

Here’s the inside scoop: you can gain similar, if not better, experiences without draining your (or your parents’) bank account. How? Let’s break it down:

Reach Out to Local University Professors: You’d be surprised how open many professors are to high school students showing initiative. A well-crafted email expressing genuine interest in their research can open doors to volunteer or even paid research o...

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Exploring the Thai Letter ฤ and Seasonal Vocabulary

When you're embarking on the adventure of learning Thai, one of the letters that might pique your curiosity is ฤ. This unique character can seem a bit mysterious at first, but with a simple breakdown, it becomes easier to understand and use, especially when talking about the seasons.

The Letter ฤ: An Overview

The Thai character ฤ is known as 'ro rue' (ร, ฤ). It is a consonant that depicts the sound that is somewhat similar to the English 'r' when placed at the beginning of a syllable. However, when it stands alone or ends a syllable, it is pronounced as 'ree' and generally incorporates a rising tone.

One of the fascinating aspects of ฤ is that it's most commonly found in Thai spelling of words adopted from Sanskrit and Pali, and it is often paired with its vowel imitation counterpart ฤๅ, which is pronounced as 'rue'.

Now, let's introduce you to some words that use ฤ. These are words related to seasons:

  1. ฤดูร้อน (rí-doo rón) - summer
  2. ฤดูหนาว (rí-doo năo) - winter
  3. ฤดูใบไม้ผลิ (rí-doo bai mâi plì) - spring

These words are composed of two parts: 'ฤดู' (rí-doo), which means 'season,' and the second part which indicates the specific season of the year.

Sentences Using Seasonal Vocabulary

thai languagethaithai alphabetforeign languageslanguage learningthai vocabularybeginner thaithai letter ฤ

Understanding the Thai Letter บ (Baw Baimai)

The Thai language is beautiful and complex with its own unique alphabet. For beginners delving into this language, one of the letters you will encounter is บ, known as "Baw Baimai" (บอ ใบไม้). The letter บ is part of the Thai consonants and it represents the sound /b/ as in the word "ball" in English. However, it's important to note that the pronunciation of บ can change depending on its position within a word and the tone of the syllable it is in.

In written Thai, บ is a low-class consonant. Learning to recognize and pronounce this letter is an essential step for any Thai language learner as it appears frequently in the Thai vocabulary.

Words with บ

Let's look at some words that include the letter บ. Each one will give us an opportunity to practice the pronunciation and use of this consonant in different contexts:

  1. ตอบสนอง (dtàwp sà-nong) - to respond or reply
  2. ความ (khwaam) - used as a prefix for abstraction or condition
  3. ด้านบน (dâan bon) - top, upper part, or above
  4. สมบูรณ์ (sòm bun) - complete, whole, or perfect

Sentences using words with บ

Now, let's use these words in simple sentences to help practice reading and pronunciation.

  1. เธอตอบสนองได้ดีมาก
thai languagethaithai alphabetforeign languageslanguage learningthai vocabularybeginner thaithai letter บ

Recent News from Poland: Praise for a Political Opponent, Industrial Production Growth

  1. Schreiber Praises Holownia, Engages in Conversation with Kaczynski
  • Lukasz Schreiber, a member of Law and Justice (PiS), praised Szymon Holownia, a political opponent and the new Marshal of the Sejm. After his speech, Schreiber was called over by Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of PiS. There was speculation that Schreiber received a mild reprimand from Kaczynski. Schreiber clarified that Kaczynski simply explained that he did not request to speak during the previous session, contrary to Schreiber's belief.
  1. Recent Data on Polish Industrial Production: First Growth Since January
  • Industrial production in Poland increased by 1.6% year-on-year in October 2023, marking the first growth since January. After accounting for seasonal factors, the sold production of industry was 0.8% lower compared to the same month last year and 0.1% lower compared to September. The prices of industrial production in October 2023 decreased by 4.1% year-on-year and 0.5% month-on-month.
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The Thai Letter ซ and Its Usage for Beginners

Today, we will explore the Thai consonant ซ, which is equated with the "s" sound in English, as in the word "sun." The letter ซ is named "สอ ซอ" in Thai and emanates a sound somewhere between an English "s" and "z," almost always veering towards a soft "s" sound. It is important to note that, unlike English, Thai syllables are pronounced with equal stress, so the pitch of your voice must remain consistent across the syllable.

Now, let's introduce three common Thai words that contain the consonant ซ:

  1. ทำซ้ำ (tam sâam) - to repeat or do again
  2. ซื้อ (súe) - to buy
  3. ด้านซ้าย (dâan sáai) - left side

In order to help you understand how these words are used in everyday Thai, let's see them in simple sentences:

  1. ฉันต้องทำซ้ำเพราะไม่ถูกต้องครั้งแรก (Chăn dtông tam sâam práw mâi tòok tong kráng râek.) I have to repeat it because it wasn’t correct the first time.

  2. เธอจะไปซื้อของที่ตลาด (Ter jà bpai súe kŏng têe talàd.) She will go to buy things at the market.

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How I fixed @aws-crypto build error

I've been getting the following error when building my Next.js app:

Failed to compile.

./node_modules/.pnpm/@aws-crypto+sha256-js@5.2.0/node_modules/@aws-crypto/sha256-js/build/module/index.js + 12 modules Cannot get final name for export 'fromUtf8' of ./node_modules/.pnpm/@smithy+util-utf8@2.0.2/node_modules/@smithy/util-utf8/dist-es/index.js

I narrowed the source down to the following piece of code:

import { createServerRunner } from "@aws-amplify/adapter-nextjs";
import { AWS_AMPLIFY_CONFIG } from "./utils";
import { cookies } from "next/headers";
import { getCurrentUser } from "aws-amplify/auth/server";

export const { runWithAmplifyServerContext } = createServerRunner({

Understanding Basic Mandarin Words: 杯子, 喜欢, and 日期

When you start learning Mandarin, getting familiar with common vocabulary can be incredibly helpful. Let's dive into three useful words you'll encounter frequently: 杯子 (bēi zi), 喜欢 (xǐ huān), and 日期 (rì qī). We will break down each word and their individual characters, followed by simple example sentences for better understanding.

杯子 (Bēi Zi) - Cup or Glass

In Mandarin, the word for cup or glass is 杯子, which is made up of two characters. 杯 (bēi) means "cup" or "glass," and 子 (zi) is a common suffix used for objects.

Example Sentences:

  1. 这个杯子是我的。 (Zhè ge bēi zi shì wǒ de.)
    • This cup is mine.
  2. 我买了一个新杯子。 (Wǒ mǎi le yī gè xīn bēi zi.)
    • I bought a new cup.
  3. 请给我一杯水。 (Qǐng gěi wǒ yī bēi shuǐ.)
    • Please give me a glass of water.

喜欢 (Xǐ Huān) - Like or Enjoy

Another commonly used word is 喜欢, which expresses liking or enjoying something. The first character 喜 (xǐ) means "joy" or "happiness," and the second character 欢 (huān) means "joyous" or "pleased."

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