Hey I’m new here - I suck really badly at social media and I need someone to do it for me….


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A user acquisition conundrum

One of the fastest ways I can attract the first users to Sanity and start getting feedback is by posting about it and engaging on Facebook and Twitter. The thing is, I find them too addictive and full of dark patterns, which is why started Sanity in the first place. I always tell myself I’ll only use them for a specific purpose, or for 15 minutes a day, or only occasionally, and then I gradually get sucked into using them all the time. I start out by visiting once every few days, I check for new posts from a few people I follow, read some AI news, visit groups etc. With time, I find myself using them more and more until several weeks later, I check them throughout the day. This is more of a problem for me with Twitter but, to a lesser extent, also applies to Facebook.

So the question is - how to I get the word out about Sanity without using the addictive social media networks it’s meant to be the alternative to?

I'm focusing on writing content and optimizing SEO for now but it's a slow process. Any tips?

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Let it go by Elsa the Icequeen

A few days ago my boss told me „to let go“. Like don’t be too harsh to myself and others. Especially the children at my workplace. I think he meant something like don’t feel responsible for everyone and everything. But how can I do this if I have this feeling in my gut that I can do better than a lot of other colleagues. It’s like finding a thin line between responsibility and let five be straight (weird to translate German sayings into English). I’m really trying my best and I know I‘m really good at my job, but it leaves me exhausted at hell. So as part of a homework for myself I try to let it go. Leave the opportunity for others to do shit I always do.

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Learning to be alone or: Getting lonely?

Our generation is wild. So many requirements from society. Be chatty, go out, meet friends, enjoy your hobbies. Everything is about being present and active. Even social media. Don‘t get me wrong. I enjoy all of these things. But most of the time, I just want to be alone. In my own little bubble, all by myself. Like charging my social battery to do all of this above. Even to be capable of doing these things. Exhausted from everything. From life outside, staying in my safe place. But how can it be so ambivalent? The need of going out, but also just would like to stay in. Communicating with no one. Some say it’s a task or something you have to learn, to be alone. For me it’s the easiest thing ever. But deep down there is a fear in me. Being alone now is my choice, but what if someday it isn’t a choice anymore and it turns into loneliness. So sealed off, no one gets to you. Physically and mentally.


#My most horrfyingly embarassing and by far toxic trait

I love this website because really only so few of my friends visit it I could just use it to vent to the world. like a little personal diary.

I have this horrible toxic trait of like, sometimes looking up people in my past life to see how their shitty decisions or shitty behavior has led to their lives turning out. Are they as miserable as I imagine they are? sometimes I watch them and through their facial expressions or little clues on their social media and make up little stories about how they're really doing

But I realize this is a toxic trait that I NEED to stop. Doing shit like this will not make my life better, it'll only hold me behind. I need to ignore those people, like they're from my past life. They're dead. Who cares. Work on your own life and trying to drive yourself forward. Why am I obsessed with the dead?

Someone, send me your therapist please. But yeah, definitely need to work on that...where do I start?

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Hello World

Hello@ it's me, radishes from the egg and radish team

thank you for recommending us to this new website! it seems so empty right now but we can't wait to find more users to interact with!

and we will come here to post our videos and talk about them here as well

the website looks great so far @tomasz-stefaniak + intern

keep up the great work guys! :D

tomaszstefaniaknew user

new username new me

I decided to change my username, as it did not match my identity. I don't even know what a falcon is, but everyone knows what a beautiful majestic eagle is. beautiful and majestic, just like me. And 60 is a weird number, 69 is a much better number. looks like two people dancing


Why using Duolingo kind of sucks

I have been trying really hard to use Duolingo French so that I can impress some french skunks but I gotta say that shit is real painful.

First of all, it moves so fucking slowly. Like dog, I been doing Duolingo everyday for 4 days and learned nothing new, I am getting 100% on all my lessons and nothing new is introduced. And it's not that I am learning French somewhere else and then doing Duolingo. No. This is literally the only way I started learning any French. I didn't know what "Bonjour" meant two weeks ago. But Holy Shit. Duolingo really presumes their users are fucking idiots and cannot learn anything. Why does it move so god damn slow.

And the latest updates have NOT helped. Okay if I am getting like 70% or something this could be an issue but 100% on every lesson? and it is teaching the same shit over and over again?

This is yet another example of us moving just as fast as the slowest fucking student, another way no child left behind has infiltrated our education system

just let the idiots alone to drown, this is some survival of the fittest shit not, "little jimmy takes 4 days to learn how to greet someone in a foreign language so we gotta wait for him to figure it out"

Okay this happens in language classes too, but on a slightly lesser extent. It is still awful though.

duolingolanguage learning
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Sanity has gifs!?

I had this weird argument once with some guy that thinks it's supposed to be pronounced with a hard "g". clearly that guy doesn't realize the creator of gifs says it's a soft J sound


this one lady sent me this great gif, like peanut butter


check it out guys!

itsa meeee


How to find a wealthy Husband

I had this little joke with my friend that you can spot a wealthy man for yourself by finding guys who play magic the gathering (the cards are super expensive and I wish I could afford the cards to play) or warhammer which is just, also stupidly, stupidly expensive. I would love to buy the little figurines and paint them and play with them but your girl broke as shit.


Why I started Sanity Media

If you have watched The Social Dilemma, read Stolen Focus or Hooked you probably already know that present-day social media is designed to be addictive. The more time you spend online, the more money social media companies make.

You may also be aware of how social media algorithms can inadvertently create echo chambers, where people are only exposed to views they already agree with. This leads to increased polarization and political extremism.

I’m trying to build a service that's more down to earth. A place where you can log in, read some news or stories that interest you, and then forget about it until the next day. No infinite scrolls, no constant streams of notifications, and no incentive to keep checking the site throughout the day. While it might be a hard task to remove echo chambers altogether, I hope can at least limit them.

How Sanity works

Here are the main features in a nutshell:

  • All posts created on a given day are published simultaneously at midnight UTC time.
  • You can only make a single post a day - make it count.
  • No infinite scrolling - the number of posts you’ll see is limited.
  • You can upvote and downvote posts - but there’s a combined limit of ten a day.
  • The algorithms are simple. For example, everyone s...