Kaibella is back!!!

Our favorite new queen of gorl world is back! For those that are uninitiated/unfamiliar, Kaibella exposed Chantal's husband for cheating. Apparently they've been talking for a few weeks, check out Kaibella's twitter @sharmotaworld2 for the receipts, I think she's quite funny

For the summary, Chantal is back in Kuwait (she had to rush back after finding out her husband was cheating), and it seems like the furniture is new? hmm interesting 🤔 oh yeah, seems Salah had changed the furniture since on the old blue couch he had taken a...splooogey picture to have sent to Kai, so he needed to redecorate in order to avoid more drama around it. Although at this point the cat's out of the bag

personally, I can't believe Chantal is going out of her way to buy lingerie, editing her pictures to look like Kai (seriously, I can't) and now says she is "serious" about her weight loss journey. She went out of her way to flag many of Kai's videos on tiktok as well, which I think is insane. I can't believe she is going after Kai even though HER HUSBAND cheated. like gorl, Kai isn't the problem, it's your skeevy husband

wishing all the best to Kai, I hope she gets her tiktok back


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#Foodie Beauty's Husband's Cheating Has Been Revealed in the WORST way

So this lady called @Sharmotaworldx on twitter just dumped a bunch of screenshots and videos showcasing some texts with Chantal's husband Salah. And the texts were wild. Apparently this guy has some seriously....taboo kinks...like toilet and grape stuff if you catch my drift. It was really gross. You can find the originals on kiwifarms or from reaction channels like AlexIsShook or Zachary Michael. However I don't recommend you actually find the original messages, they're just SUPER uncomfy to listen to. I found them and I definitely regret it, like this is all the details you need.

Foodie Beauty did go back on and rage about finding this out, Salah confirmed it was him, but apparently she forgives him and is calling SharmotaWorldx a bunch of names (typical, misogynist Chantal, yikes).

the whole thing is a dumpster fire , I was getting really bored with Chantal's material, and I was honestly not that interested in the return to Canada arc but man it is getting weird.

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Foodie Beauty rushes back to Kuwait after cheating scandal

Foodie Beauty (chantal marie) had recently returned to canada in order to acquire treatment for her diabetes, which had gotten out of hand (her blood sugar was well into the 400s).

Initially she was planning on staying for even a year or so as she waited to get a family doctor (although I have a lot of questions as to how she was planning on maintaining her blood sugar, or why she didn't get treatment in Kuwait, remains a mystery) but now she is rushing back to Kuwait after it came out that her "husband" was cheating

so yeah, gotta keep him on a tight leash I guess. That's the root of a healthy marriage right?

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Gorl World updates: Amberlynn Reid takes back her crown as gorl world queen, July 25

I've been super busy lately, but I wanted to write a short little update on Gorl World because

  1. I'm obsessed
  2. Gorl world is so difficult to keep up on I am sure I cannot be the only one

Anyways, breaking news! Amberlynn Reid and Jade/Wifey have broken up! The gorlverse was starting to get pretty stale to be honest, as a result of Amberlynn Reid not leaving the house and most of her videos were sit down and talking videos. Her gf at the time refused to be present on her youtube channel, and with ALR not having friends, well it made for really stale footage without any side characters. Her views began to drop and most of us were paying attention instead to Chantal. At this point, most of the drama laid around her getting another cat after having moving to Kuwait amid allegations that she had neglected her previous animals. At this point she was "trying" to lose weight, while simultaneously filming mukbangs of herself eating copious amounts of fast food/takeaways. I am kind of impressed that the gorls could eat out so much. it really is expensive to be maintaining that amount of mass.

Currently post break-up ALR seems to not be doing so well. She has admitted that the break-up was not mutual and she wants Jade back. Many people (myself included) had already suspected the break-up was likely not mutual. Post the "WLS surgery Era" she seems to be doing really poorly on her weightloss a...

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Gorl World Explained

So I am a huge purveyor of gorl world. I just think it's so interesting in the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are also fans of gorl world and at the end of the day it's...kind of petty drama?

Okay okay let me take a step back and explain what gorl world is.

Gorl world is the world that exists between Amberlynn Reid and Chantal Marie (Foodie beauty, big beautiful me, idk she changes her name all the time). They're two obese women who have youtube platforms are relatively big followings. People really, really like to watch them. There are even many other youtubers who have made videos about them as well.

But what makes Gorl world so fascinating? I think for me it's the relatively little petty drama surrounding the channels. While there are there are some serious accusations in gorl world (Chantal has been accused of being an animal abuser, allegedly, and the evidence her is overwhelming to say the least) the majority of the drama seems to be centered around the fact that these two women cannot lose weight and in addition often lie about their weight loss attempts (weigh ins, food they eat etc.)

This is just the tip of the iceberg though as of course, there is a lot more to gorl world. One of them being that, there has been a lot of criticism concerning the gorls' personalities (generally people tend to find Chantal just...well mean, problematic, she has made racist and bigoted statements, Amberlynn, being manipulative and ...

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Is foodie beauty's downfall imminent?

there have been recent reports that foodie beauty's downfall is imminent. Her videos lately have been getting less and less views. And let's be honest, she's just...kind of boring now. Recently she even uploaded two videos of...a grocery haul?

The beginning

Foodie beauty's peak was during what people refer to the "Nader" saga. This was a time when she was dating a...rather questionable but unquestionably abusive and overall just not a bad guy. There was a lot of live drama between the two of them, basically the typical toxic, on and off relationship (with some substances involved) which people enjoyed watching. Mostly because we could see in real time this lady making poor decisions over and over again. It was mind boggling and it was hard to turn your eyes away. Chantal received little sympathy online because of how controversial she was and she was not liked online because of many of the things she had said. Chantal just came off as a mean person at the end of the day.

So what happened?

Chantal broke the golden rules of youtube.

  1. don't be boring
  2. don't be unlikeable/mean
  3. don't fuck with cats

by breaking those 3 rules, you basically ensure your downfall on that platform. People generally don't want to support unlikeable characters. That's a given, people love cats, and people go on youtube at the very least to be entertained. You might be able to risk breaking some of these rules, but breaking ALL of them (and arguably, o...

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Foodie Beauty's bittersweet return

Foodie Beauty's views are now starting to come back, surprising everyone who really believed (myself included) that her channel was on the downturn. What was the new shocking video about? well....it's official, FoodieBeauty has been diagnosed with type two diabetes. An absolutely devastating and difficult to control disease. This is quite sad, although personally, I never quite liked her so I don't feel that much sympathy. Let me be clear I'm not a psychopath that is happy about the news, I do find it sad, but at the end of the day, she is living the consequences of her actions. Her audience, doctors, literally everyone has been telling her this was inevitable.

In honor of (???) Foodie beauty's return I wanted to talk a little bit about type 2 diabetes that might be interesting to the readers

Diet, exercise and fasting are all great ways to reduce blood sugar. The ultimate goal is to lose weight, however, exercise, which i don't see mentioned often, increases blood glucose uptake due to up regulation of glut4 receptors on myocytes. I say that because I often see people might want to ignore exercise because "you can't outrun a bad diet" and while this is true, exercise serves other purposes than simple calorie burning. For more info, I definitely recommend checking out exercised by daniel lieberman. it's one of my favorite books about exercise and I definitely think it can be encouraging to the average person.

People seem to be shocked...

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#FoodieBeauty and LifePlusCindy cautionary tales about desperation

I notice that more and more people are making comparisons between FoodieBeauty and LifePlusCindy, when it comes to their "man".

Mainly that, it seems both relationships seem to be due more to convenience and desperation rather than mutual love, respect and caring for each other, aspects of a healthy relationship.

Chantal's relationship recently was exposed because her husband was cheating on her, but this wasn't any normal kind of cheating; this guy had some very strange fetishes. r*pe, pee, poo, this was the type of thing he was into and it was...wild to say the least. Reading the receipts (voice messages and text messages) made me feel super uncomfy.

As for Cindy's lover, he has been exposed as someone who was trolling the reddit forums on Arkansas swingers and Arkansas hotwives (also for swingers I believe) and many people believe that he is a sleazy guy. We don't even really have to guess because during a livestream, he admitted openly to being a "mansplainer and degenerate". Can you imagine that type of person who willingly describes himself that way? Cindy also said that he's "not normal".

I really hate this guy profusely and I don't think he is good for her. Also he's just kind of gross. I would much MUCH rather be single than date this guy. Ew. He is always greasy and ungroomed in every single one of his appearances on her instagram. Disgusting. Does this guy ever shower?

He also took her to a...

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Why Gorl world has the strangest audience

If you've ever been a part of gorl world, you know the audience is...they can be a bit scary. Why you ask? Often fans of gorl world will nitpick little details in Amber's videos, there have even been incidences where Chantal and Amberlynn were doxxed, pictures of Amber's gfs surfaced (even when asked for privacy) even info about some of her other exs surfaced as well. So it seems like, if you're a cast member on gorl world, even if you're not a main character you're subject to the same careful scrutiny as the gorls. And that's not to mention the ecosystem of dozens of reaction channels JUST on the girls. That is insane! what gives? surely this audience is much more unique than the audience of other youtubers. Well, I have a theory.

Amber and Chantal started on youtube quite a few years ago, when there was arguably less content online. Their strength lies rather in their quantity of uploads rather than their quality. Their videos come from an era when, people liked watching lifestyle vlogs and mukbangs (and while this content still exists on youtube, I would argue they have already had their peak, and other newer content now might be more popular). Well, when you upload videos, and consistently (I use the word consistently loosely here) you're bound to eventually gather up subscribers and people interested in watching your video. The problem is, with both Chantal and Amber is that, while other people strived to improve their conten...

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breaking news in gorl world! if you haven't been keeping up, Becky (Amberlynn's ex) has spoken out about her relationship with Amber. After more than a year of silence she has finally posted once again on her youtube channel (kindagoodkindabeck)

She spoke about how she felt isolated, lonely, and how taxing it was for becky to have to take care of Amber during her relationship. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to be a caretaker at that young of an age (she was in her mid 20s at that time). Amber was completely dependent on Becky, to get food, to driver her places, even to bathe and wipe her. Amber was unable to do anything on her own and even at one point was bedbound.

The saddest part about the whole thing, at least for me is that Becky was denied time with her mother before she passed. Amber would always throw fits whenever her partner wanted to leave and becky was not an exception to this. Because of this, Becky was very isolated from her family and did not get that time with her mom. That really breaks my heart, I can't imagine the way Becky must be feeling. I imagine she probably feels a lot of guilt about it but Becky if you ever read this, know it's not your fault. you were in a manipulative and abusive relationship, and your mother loved you very much and she understands. The story around becky is super heartbreaking, she has indicated in her most recent update that she still struggles. She works at a ...

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