Pioneer Academics: the worst, most unethical employer I have ever worked for in my life

it wouldn't be an understatement to say that Pioneer academics is an unethical employer. They openly are emotionally abusive to their employees. By signing up for Pioneer academics and paying them money, you're actively supporting abuse of human beings.

I can't believe that Oberlin College would actively partner with an organization that is abusive to their employees. Furthermore I find this type of behavior from academic professors also deplorable. Like they are not even doing research themselves on the type of company they are with.

the environment is very hawkeyed, they monitor your every move. They first start out by dehumanizing you. You can never refer to yourself as apart from the company, you always must refer to yourselves in align with the company. They make it clear to you very early on that you're replaceable and not a person. They treated you like children and gave such easy tasks but would not trust you with any individuality to choice making. I remember working for them, and when I met the professors I would immediately shrink away from them because I had felt so worthless and horrible: the management at Pioneer Academics will constantly reinforce this idea. That you are replaceable and not a person.

It is not explicitly stated, but they require you to be available 24/7 for meetings. There were often times I would be notified of a meeting 1 hour or sometimes even less...

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Pioneer Academics: A Critical Evaluation for Aspiring College Applicants

As a high school student with aspirations of attending a top-tier college, you may be considering various opportunities to enhance your college application. One such program that has garnered attention is Pioneer Academics, which offers a research experience and college credits for a substantial fee of $6,500. While the prospect of working with a professor and gaining research experience may seem enticing, it is crucial to critically evaluate the value of this investment before committing your financial resources.

The High Cost of Pioneer Academics

The most significant deterrent to participating in Pioneer Academics is the exorbitant cost of $6,500. For most high school students and their families, this represents a considerable financial burden. It is essential to weigh the potential benefits against the opportunity cost of allocating such a substantial sum towards a single program.

Alternative Paths to Research Experience

While Pioneer Academics may offer a structured research experience, it is important to recognize that there are alternative avenues to gain similar exposure without the heavy financial burden. Consider the following options:

  1. Reaching Out to Local Professors: Many university professors are receptive to high school students who demonstrate a genuine interest in their field of study. By craft...
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Why Pioneer Academics is recklessly dangerous

This is going to be an article about how Pioneer Academics handles the data that you give them. When you sign up for Pioneer Academics they'll ask for your phone number, email address, parents' names, email addresses and phone numbers as well. When you work there they ask employees the same thing. The data is put into an excel file which is shared among employees. I was not informed about this when I was asked for this information.

The employees who have access to the files are numerous to say the least but I can't give an exact number. What I can say is that the employees who are hired are never asked to sign NDAs, and are numerous due to the high turnover rate.

When employees are hired they are hired at an excess of 80% hire rate. I was really surprised at how high the hire rate was, while at other companies I worked at the hire rate was around only 1/6 employees or 1/10. I really thought the time I was hired that Pioneer Academics had just started out, which is why there were so many open spots open. What I didn't realize was the poor conditions of working and abuse of employees which led to many people quitting or contracts terminated without warning, very often because any employee that asked for better treatment or better time management from the management were immediately fired. Management accepted no complaints.

This is relevant because the high turnover rate increases the number of people who have access to this ...

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This week, on Foodie Beauty; more drama, Peetz spills the tea on Chantal, and she gets another youtuber into hot water (Takat)

There's some drama brewing in gorl world this week, as Chantal is exposed for some of her lies.

First up, Peetz goes on live and reveals that Chantal is on a tourist visa, exposing a big lie that she is a resident in Kuwait. She is married so shouldn't she be on a residency visa? or maybe she is in the process of applying for it and hasn't quite gotten it yet. Either way, she was caught in a lie as she was telling people that she had residency in Kuwait, which has been exposed as not true. I think if she really is married to Salah (a topic which has been hotly debated in gorl world), she should've just been honest about waiting for her residency permit. But perhaps this is revealing a bigger lie about her; which is that she maybe in a misyar marriage, or not even really married to him at all. Only Chantal knows the truth to that.


has anyone noticed she has changed her name from foodie beauty to everyday mariam? this may be in response to the soon to be released documentary by Mr. Snowflake about her. His documentaries are known to be quite thorough, and Chantal, having claimed to be a "changed woman" may not be keen on having some of these things brought out about her in the documentary. Since the Kuwait arc began, she has been trying to seem much more pious, a "changed woman" as she puts it, and seems to be seeking a more Muslim audien...

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Why Working for Pioneer Academics Might Not Be Your Best Move

If you're on the hunt for a new job, eager to make a difference in the educational sector, you might have stumbled upon Pioneer Academics in your search. While the prospect of working for a company that links students with research opportunities sounds fulfilling, there's more to the story that every potential employee should know.

The Inside Scoop: Not as Glittery as It Seems

I dove into the Pioneer Academics adventure, hoping to contribute to a noble cause. However, the reality was far from what I had envisioned. Here's why you might want to think twice before joining their ranks.

  1. Misleading Positive Reviews At first glance, Pioneer Academics appears to be a beacon of positivity, but a closer look reveals a different story. Many glowing reviews seem to originate from accounts linked to the company's own employees, possibly those working under conditions far removed from the promises made to new recruits. This orchestrated effort to boost their online image can be misleading for those considering employment.

  2. Underpayment and Overwork: The Norm The allure of working for an educational company quickly fades when faced with the reality of compensation and workload. Reports suggest that employees, particularly those in the Philippines, are paid meager wages for full days of work. This practice not only undercuts the value of hard work but also raises ethical concerns about the company's operations.

  3. ...

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The Real Deal About Pioneer Academics: Why Your Money Deserves Better

Hey there, future college superstar! 🌟 Are you poring over ways to beef up that college application? Eyeing Pioneer Academics, thinking it’s your golden ticket to Ivy League glory? Hold up and hear us out first. Before you part ways with a cool $6000, let's dive into why that might not be your best move and what you could do instead.

Pioneer Academics: The Pricey Path Not Worth Taking

First off, yes, Pioneer Academics promises the moon: work alongside a professor, embark on a research journey, and snag some college credits. But here’s the kicker: all that glitters isn’t gold, especially not at the steep price of $6000. 🚀💸

Think About It: Is the Investment Worth It?

Imagine what you could do with $6000. That’s a whole lot of college textbooks, a semester’s worth of pizza, or even better, savings towards your actual college tuition. So, before you decide to invest in a promise, consider the real cost and what you're getting in return.

Unlock Better Opportunities Without Breaking the Bank

Here’s the inside scoop: you can gain similar, if not better, experiences without draining your (or your parents’) bank account. How? Let’s break it down:

Reach Out to Local University Professors: You’d be surprised how open many professors are to high school students showing initiative. A well-crafted email expressing genuine interest in their research can open doors to volunteer or even paid research o...

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Pioneer Academics Review: The Hidden Truth Behind the Scam

Ever stumbled upon Pioneer Academics, promising an educational nirvana for high school students a mere $6000? Before you dive in, let's unpack why this might not be the golden opportunity it's painted as. This article is your go-to guide, shedding light on the real Pioneer Academics experience and why you might want to think twice.

Is Pioneer Academics Worth Your Time and Money?

At first glance, Pioneer Academics offers the world: work with a research professor and earn college credits. Sounds dreamy, right? But here's the catch: that dream comes with a hefty price tag of $6000. Here's a thought—why not reach out to local university professors directly? That's how I landed my first research gig, and guess what? It didn't cost me a penny. Better yet, they paid me!

Customer Service Nightmares: A Pioneer Academics Reality

When it comes to customer support, Pioneer Academics' approach is, frankly, abysmal. Outsourcing their backbone to the Philippines, they've turned what should be a seamless process into a frustrating game of chance. Ever tried their "emergency hotline"? More like a one-way ticket to voicemail limbo.

The Ethical Quandary of Supporting Pioneer Academics

Now, let's talk ethics. Charging students $6000 while underpaying—or in some cases, not paying—their staff, Pioneer Academics' business model is questionable at best. It's a stark reminder that not all that glitters is gold, especially in...

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Other than its simplicity and brevity, I don't get how the book "Caps for Sale" is for kids. It's the story of this hat salesman who's having a slow day selling hats in town, so he decides to go out to the countryside. He walks out past the edge of town, past churches and houses, and when he tires himself, finds a tree to nap on.

Oh, he has this big tall stack of caps on his head that are arranged by color; that's an important part of the story.

Anyways, man goes down for a nap against the tree. When he wakes up, he finds that only his cap remains on his head. His cap is a checked cap.

He's way confused. As the book goes, "he looks to the right. He looks to the left. He looks behind the tree. No caps."

But then he looks up - into the tree. "And what do you think he saw?", goes the children's book.

Welp, there's a bunch of monkeys in the tree who are all wearing his caps.

Actually, since we know "his" cap remained on his head, the story seems to distinguish between "his" caps and the caps he was selling. It could be assumed, then, that these caps aren't even his. Perhaps he's selling them for another. Perhaps he himself took them from someone else. We cannot know.

The man gets very angry. After a few rounds of looking at the monkeys and wagging his fingers while imploring the monkeys to give him back "his" (again, "he" has "his" checked cap still on "his" head at this point), the monkeys don't give up the caps.

Finally, man gets very angry. Instead of wagging hi...

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Independence March, Warsaw

Here are some photos I took of the Independence March in Warsaw a couple of years ago. I never got to publish them until now.

November 11th is Poland’s Independence Day and the Independence March attracts far right groups and conservatives from all around the country.



Religious Symbols


Police Everywhere

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How to implement AI vector search and related posts with pgvector

At the end of this tutorial, you should be able to set up your own vector search with text embeddings in a Next.js app. This is a tutorial that mostly consists of coding samples taken directly from the Sanity codebase.

You can see the results right here on Sanity. The related posts section underneath each post is generated with pgvector. So is the search.

The stack I used:

  • Open AI's text-embedding-ada-002 model
  • Next.js
  • Prisma
  • PostgreSQL

Start by setting up the Prisma client:

This step is needed to get Prisma to cooperate with Next.js.

// Setting up prisma
programmingpgvectoraibuilding in publicsql

Fixing AWS Timestream query

My 'ago' function had been failing with "The query syntax is invalid" error on the following clause:

time BETWEEN ago(24h5m) AND ago(24h) AND

I fixed it by changing converting the hours to minutes:

time BETWEEN ago(1445m) AND ago(1440m) AND

programmingaws timestreamsqlawsamazon web services

How I fixed @aws-crypto build error

I've been getting the following error when building my Next.js app:

Failed to compile.

./node_modules/.pnpm/@aws-crypto+sha256-js@5.2.0/node_modules/@aws-crypto/sha256-js/build/module/index.js + 12 modules Cannot get final name for export 'fromUtf8' of ./node_modules/.pnpm/@smithy+util-utf8@2.0.2/node_modules/@smithy/util-utf8/dist-es/index.js

I narrowed the source down to the following piece of code:

import { createServerRunner } from "@aws-amplify/adapter-nextjs";
import { AWS_AMPLIFY_CONFIG } from "./utils";
import { cookies } from "next/headers";
import { getCurrentUser } from "aws-amplify/auth/server";

export const { runWithAmplifyServerContext } = createServerRunner({

Kaibella is back!!!

Our favorite new queen of gorl world is back! For those that are uninitiated/unfamiliar, Kaibella exposed Chantal's husband for cheating. Apparently they've been talking for a few weeks, check out Kaibella's twitter @sharmotaworld2 for the receipts, I think she's quite funny

For the summary, Chantal is back in Kuwait (she had to rush back after finding out her husband was cheating), and it seems like the furniture is new? hmm interesting 🤔 oh yeah, seems Salah had changed the furniture since on the old blue couch he had taken a...splooogey picture to have sent to Kai, so he needed to redecorate in order to avoid more drama around it. Although at this point the cat's out of the bag

personally, I can't believe Chantal is going out of her way to buy lingerie, editing her pictures to look like Kai (seriously, I can't) and now says she is "serious" about her weight loss journey. She went out of her way to flag many of Kai's videos on tiktok as well, which I think is insane. I can't believe she is going after Kai even though HER HUSBAND cheated. like gorl, Kai isn't the problem, it's your skeevy husband

wishing all the best to Kai, I hope she gets her tiktok back

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How to use AWS Amplify Authentication with Next.js Server Actions

No next-auth required:

// amplifyServerUtils.ts

import { createServerRunner } from '@aws-amplify/adapter-nextjs';
import config from '@/amplifyconfiguration.json';

export const { runWithAmplifyServerContext } = createServerRunner({
// actions.ts

"use server";
import { cookies } from "next/headers";
programmingawsamplifynext.jsamplify v6cognito

Foodie Beauty rushes back to Kuwait after cheating scandal

Foodie Beauty (chantal marie) had recently returned to canada in order to acquire treatment for her diabetes, which had gotten out of hand (her blood sugar was well into the 400s).

Initially she was planning on staying for even a year or so as she waited to get a family doctor (although I have a lot of questions as to how she was planning on maintaining her blood sugar, or why she didn't get treatment in Kuwait, remains a mystery) but now she is rushing back to Kuwait after it came out that her "husband" was cheating

so yeah, gotta keep him on a tight leash I guess. That's the root of a healthy marriage right?

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#FoodieBeauty and LifePlusCindy cautionary tales about desperation

I notice that more and more people are making comparisons between FoodieBeauty and LifePlusCindy, when it comes to their "man".

Mainly that, it seems both relationships seem to be due more to convenience and desperation rather than mutual love, respect and caring for each other, aspects of a healthy relationship.

Chantal's relationship recently was exposed because her husband was cheating on her, but this wasn't any normal kind of cheating; this guy had some very strange fetishes. r*pe, pee, poo, this was the type of thing he was into and it was...wild to say the least. Reading the receipts (voice messages and text messages) made me feel super uncomfy.

As for Cindy's lover, he has been exposed as someone who was trolling the reddit forums on Arkansas swingers and Arkansas hotwives (also for swingers I believe) and many people believe that he is a sleazy guy. We don't even really have to guess because during a livestream, he admitted openly to being a "mansplainer and degenerate". Can you imagine that type of person who willingly describes himself that way? Cindy also said that he's "not normal".

I really hate this guy profusely and I don't think he is good for her. Also he's just kind of gross. I would much MUCH rather be single than date this guy. Ew. He is always greasy and ungroomed in every single one of his appearances on her instagram. Disgusting. Does this guy ever shower?

He also took her to a...

foodie beautychantal showlifepluscindygorl world

Mandarin Vocabulary for Beginners: 找到, 一半, 朋友

In this article, we will explore three Mandarin words that are useful for everyday conversation: 找到 (zhǎo dào), 一半 (yí bàn), and 朋友 (péng yǒu). Let's break down these words into their individual characters.

找到 (zhǎo dào)

找 (zhǎo) means "to look for" or "to seek". 到 (dào) means "to arrive" or "to reach". Combined, 找到 means "to find" or "have found", which indicates the successful result of a search.

Example Sentences for 找到:

  1. 我找到我的钥匙了。 (Wǒ zhǎodào wǒ de yàoshi le.)
    • I have found my keys.
  2. 他终于找到工作了。 (Tā zhōngyú zhǎodào gōngzuò le.)
    • He finally found a job.
  3. 请帮我找到这本书。 (Qǐng bāng wǒ zhǎodào zhè běn shū.)
    • Please help me find this book.

一半 (yí bàn)

一 (yí) means "one". 半 (bàn) means "half".

mandarinbeginner mandarinhsk 1foreign languageslanguage learninglearn mandarinchinese characters

#Foodie Beauty's Husband's Cheating Has Been Revealed in the WORST way

So this lady called @Sharmotaworldx on twitter just dumped a bunch of screenshots and videos showcasing some texts with Chantal's husband Salah. And the texts were wild. Apparently this guy has some seriously....taboo toilet and grape stuff if you catch my drift. It was really gross. You can find the originals on kiwifarms or from reaction channels like AlexIsShook or Zachary Michael. However I don't recommend you actually find the original messages, they're just SUPER uncomfy to listen to. I found them and I definitely regret it, like this is all the details you need.

Foodie Beauty did go back on and rage about finding this out, Salah confirmed it was him, but apparently she forgives him and is calling SharmotaWorldx a bunch of names (typical, misogynist Chantal, yikes).

the whole thing is a dumpster fire , I was getting really bored with Chantal's material, and I was honestly not that interested in the return to Canada arc but man it is getting weird.

chantal mariechantal showfoodie beautygorl worldsharmotaworldx

An Introduction to Key Mandarin Phrases and Characters for Beginners

干什么 (Gàn shénme) - What to do?

The phrase "干什么" is made up of two characters:

  • 干 (gàn) - This character can mean "to do", "work", or "dry", depending on the context. In our phrase, it takes the meaning of "to do".
  • 什么 (shénme) - This is a common word for "what" in Mandarin and is used in various interrogative contexts.

When combined, "干什么" translates to "What to do?" or "What are you doing?". It is a casual way to ask someone about their current activity or future plans.

Here are three example sentences using 干什么:

  1. 你现在干什么?(Nǐ xiànzài gàn shénme?)

    • What are you doing right now?
  2. 周末你想干什么?(Zhōumò nǐ xiǎng gàn shénme?)

    • What do you want to do this weekend?
  3. 他在干什么?(Tā zài gàn shénme?)

mandarinbeginner mandarinhsk 1foreign languageslanguage learninglearn mandarinchinese characters

Beginner Mandarin Chinese: Understanding 电视, 家, and 拿

Learning Mandarin Chinese can be quite exciting! In this article, we will explore three useful words: "电视" (diànshì), "家" (jiā), and "拿" (ná). Let's break down each word and its individual characters, followed by some simple example sentences to help you understand how to use them in context.

电视 (diànshì) - Television

This word is made up of two characters:

  • 电 (diàn) refers to "electricity" or "electric".
  • 视 (shì) means "vision" or "to view".

Together, 电视 (diànshì) literally means "electric vision", which we understand as "television" in English.

Example sentences:

  1. 我在看电视。 (Wǒ zài kàn diànshì.)

    • I am watching TV.
  2. 我们家有一台新电视。 (Wǒmen jiā yǒu yī tái xīn diànshì.)

    • We have a new television at home.
mandarinbeginner mandarinhsk 1foreign languageslanguage learninglearn mandarinchinese characters

Hey I’m new here - I suck really badly at social media and I need someone to do it for me….


An Introduction to Basic Mandarin Words for Beginners

男孩儿 (Nánháir – Boy)

The word "男孩儿" is composed of three characters:

  • 男 (nán): This character means "male" or "man." It represents the concept of masculinity in Chinese culture.
  • 孩 (hái): This character means "child." When combined with other characters, it can create words related to children.
  • 儿 (ér): While this character can mean "son," when added to the end of certain words, it acts as a diminutive suffix that softens the tone. In the case of "男孩儿," it indicates a boy in an affectionate, diminutive way.

Example Sentences:

  1. 那个男孩儿正在踢足球。

    • (Nàge nánháir zhèngzài tī zúqiú.)
    • That boy is playing soccer.
  2. 我的邻居是一个很可爱的男孩儿。

    • (Wǒ de línjū shì yīgè hěn kě'ài de nánháir.)
    • My neighbor is a very cute boy.
mandarinbeginner mandarinhsk 1foreign languageslanguage learninglearn mandarinchinese characters

Introduction to Beginner Mandarin Words: 起, 找到, and 米饭

In Mandarin Chinese, individual characters often come together to form words that convey specific meanings. The beauty of Chinese lies in the depth of its characters, which can be understood in layers and in combination with others to create new definitions. In this article, we'll explore the words 起 (qǐ), 找到 (zhǎo dào), and 米饭 (mǐ fàn).

起 (qǐ)

The character 起 (qǐ) means "to rise," "to start," or "to get up." It can be used in various contexts, such as beginning a process, standing up, or initiating an action.

#### Example Sentences for 起 (qǐ):

  1. 我七点起床。 (Wǒ qī diǎn qǐ chuáng.)

    • I get up at seven o’clock.
  2. 起飞时间是早上八点。 (Qǐfēi shíjiān shì zǎoshang bā diǎn.)

    • The departure time is 8 am.
  3. 新的一天开始了,起来吧! (Xīn de yītiān kāishǐ le, qǐlái ba!)

    • A new day has begun, get up!

找到 (zhǎo dào)

mandarinbeginner mandarinhsk 1foreign languageslanguage learninglearn mandarinchinese characters

Understanding the Thai Character ื (Sara Ue)

Today, we'll focus on a particular vowel character that many beginners find intriguing: ื or "Sara Ue."

Pronunciation of ื

The vowel ื is transcribed in the Roman alphabet as "ue" and pronounced like the 'ue' in the English word 'blue,' but shorter. It's vital to note that in Thai, vowels can be written before, after, below, or above the consonants they follow. For ื (Sara Ue), it is written above the consonant.

Common Words with ื

Let's look at some basic words that use this vowel:

  1. เลื่อย (lêuay) - This word means "saw," as in the tool you use to cut wood.
  2. หรือ (rĕu) - This is a versatile word that means "or" but can also be used to form questions, similar to "right?" in English.
  3. เชื่อ (chêua) - Meaning "believe" or "trust," it is a foundational word in building statements about faith or conviction.

Simple Sentences Using เลื่อย, หรือ, and เชื่อ

  1. เขาใช้เลื่อยตัดไม้. (khăo chái lêuay dtàt mái)

    • He uses a saw to cut wood.
  2. คุณจะดื่มชาหรือกาแฟ? (khun jà dèum chaa rĕu gaa-fae?)

thai languagethaithai alphabetforeign languageslanguage learningthai vocabularybeginner thaithai letter ื

Understanding The Mandarin Words 外边, 杯子, and 去

In this article, we'll take a closer look at three Mandarin words that are common in everyday Chinese conversations: 外边 (wài biān), 杯子 (bēi zi), and 去 (qù). We will break down each word into their individual characters, and provide you with three simple example sentences to illustrate their usage.

外边 (Wài biān) – Outside or Outdoors

The word 外边 combines two characters: 外 (wài), meaning "outside" or "external," and 边 (biān), meaning "side" or "edge." Together, these characters create the word for "outside" or "outdoors."

#### Example Sentences for 外边:

  1. 我们去外边玩吧。 (Wǒmen qù wài biān wán ba.) - Let's go outside and play.
  2. 外边很冷。 (Wài biān hěn lěng.) - It's very cold outside.
  3. 猫在外边。 (Māo zài wài biān.) - The cat is outside.

杯子 (Bēi zi) – Cup or Glass

The word 杯子 is composed of two characters as well: 杯 (bēi) which means "cup" or "glass," and the suffix 子 (zi) which is often used to form a noun that refers to a tangible object. Therefore, 杯子 refers to a "cup" or a "glass" that you can drink from.

#### Example Sentences for 杯子:

  1. 这个杯子是你的吗? (Zhè gè bēi zi shì nǐ de ma?) - Is this cup yours?
  2. 我需要一些干净的杯子。 (Wǒ xūyào yìxiē gānjìng de bēi zi.) - I need some clean cups.
  3. 请把杯子递给我。 (Qǐng bǎ bēi zi dì gěi wǒ.) - Please pass me the cup.
mandarinbeginner mandarinhsk 1foreign languageslanguage learninglearn mandarinchinese characters

Understanding the Thai Letter ห (Ho Hip) and Its Usage

The Thai alphabet is an exquisite system of writing that can initially seem daunting to beginners. One of the letters that often surfaces is the letter ห. In the Thai alphabet, ห is known as "หอหู" (hɔ̌ɔ hǔu) and is the 44th letter of the alphabet. The letter ห is an important one, as it serves dual functions in the Thai language, acting both as a consonant with a unique sound and as a leading silent letter that changes the tone of the word it precedes.


The consonant sound of ห is similar to the English 'h' as in 'he' or 'hi'. It is an unvoiced consonant, meaning your vocal cords do not vibrate when pronouncing it. The airflow from your lungs is strongly exhaled through your mouth to create the 'h' sound.

The Letter ห in Thai Words

Let's look at some common Thai words that include the letter ห:

  • ฤดูหนาว (rʉ́-duu nǎao): winter season
  • กำหนด (gam-nòt): to set, specify, or determine
  • หิมะ (hì-mà): snow

Each of these words incorporates the letter ห in different ways, showcasing the letter's versatility in the language. Now that we are familiar with these words, let's create simple and easy-to-understand sentences using them.

Example Sentences

  1. ฤดูหนาว ในประเทศไทยไม่หนาวมาก
thai languagethaithai alphabetforeign languageslanguage learningthai vocabularybeginner thaithai letter ห

Mandarin for Beginners: Understanding and Using 上次, 洗手间, and 也

Learning Mandarin involves both understanding individual characters and how they combine to form meaningful words. In this article, we'll explore three useful terms: 上次, 洗手间, and 也. By breaking down each word into their individual characters, we can grasp a better understanding of their meanings and usages.

上次 (Shàng cì)

The word "上次" is made of two characters: "上" (shàng) meaning "above" or "previous", and "次" (cì) meaning "time" or "instance". When combined, "上次" refers to the last time or the previous occasion something happened.

Example Sentences:

  1. 上次我忘了带雨伞。
    (Shàng cì wǒ wàngle dài yǔsǎn.)
    English: Last time, I forgot to bring an umbrella.

  2. 你上次说的书,我找到了。
    (Nǐ shàng cì shuō de shū, wǒ zhǎodàole.)
    English: I found the book you talked about last time.

  3. 上次会议你去了吗?
    (Shàng cì huìyì nǐ qùle ma?)
    English: Did you go to the last meeting?

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Tragic Road Accidents: Recent News from Poland

  • In a tragic accident in Lublin, Poland, an older couple died after a collision between a delivery van and a passenger car. The road was blocked, and the police are investigating the cause of the accident. Read more

  • A 20-year-old man riding an electric scooter was hit by an unmarked police car in Reguły near Warsaw. The man was airlifted to the hospital, and initial findings suggest that the scooter rider was at fault. Read more

polandnewspoland news

Poland News - November 28th 2023

Heavy Snowfall Expected in Poland

Poland is bracing for heavy snowfall in the coming days, with the most intense snowfall predicted for the weekend. Snowfall is expected across the country, with up to 15 centimeters of snow in some lowland areas and even more in the mountains. The cold weather will persist, with temperatures ranging from -4 to 2 degrees Celsius. The snowfall is part of a wider weather system affecting Europe, with Poland located in the path of low-pressure systems. Drivers are advised to exercise caution, and a special weather alert has been issued.

Read more: TVN Meteo

Date and Time for Prime Minister's Speech in Sejm Determined

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has announced that he will give his speech, known as an "expose," on December 11 in the Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament. The expose will outline the government's program for the next four years. The vote of confidence for the new government is expected to take place later that day, and Morawiecki also stated that he anticipates the election of a new prime minister on the same day. Two different courses of action regarding former Prime Minister Donald Tusk's expose have also been outlined.

Read more: [TVN24](

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Leetcode - Add Two Numbers - Two Solutions

You are given two non-empty linked lists representing two non-negative integers. The digits are stored in reverse order, and each of their nodes contains a single digit. Add the two numbers and return the sum as a linked list.

Full problem here.

Solution 1. Based on this solution

var addTwoNumbers = function(l1, l2) {
    const head = new ListNode(0)

    let firstNode = l1
    let secondNode = l2
    let currentNode = head
    let carry = 0

    while (firstNode || secondNode || carry) {
        const firstValue = firstNode?.val || 0
        const secondValue = secondNode?.val || 0
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Introduction to Beginner Mandarin: 写 (Xiě), 再见 (Zàijiàn), and 下车 (Xiàchē)

写 (xiě)

The character 写 (xiě) means "to write." It consists of two parts: the top part, called the radical, is called 冖 (miànzhào), which was originally associated with a cover or shelter. The bottom part is the character 与 (yǔ), which means "to give." Combined, they create the concept of writing or describing something, as if giving form to thoughts under the shelter of the mind.

Example Sentences:

  1. 我要写信。(Wǒ yào xiě xìn.)
    • I want to write a letter.
  2. 他在写作业。(Tā zài xiě zuòyè.)
    • He is doing his homework.
  3. 请写下你的名字。(Qǐng xiě xià nǐ de míngzì.)
    • Please write down your name.

再见 (zàijiàn)

再见 (zàijiàn), translating to "goodbye" or "see you again," is made up of two characters. 再 (zài) means "again," and 见 (jiàn) means "to see." Essentially, you're expressing a wish to see the person again in the future when you part ways.

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Understanding the Thai Letter ฐ (tho than)

When learning the Thai language, becoming acquainted with each letter in the Thai alphabet is a primary step toward becoming proficient. One of these letters is ฐ, known as 'ฐาน' in Thai. This article is aimed at helping beginners understand this unique letter, its pronunciation, and how it is used in the Thai language.

The Thai Letter ฐ: Pronunciation Guide

The letter ฐ is categorized as a high-class consonant in the Thai language. Its equivalent sound in English is closest to an unaspirated 'T' sound, similar to when pronouncing the 't' in 'stop' rather than the 't' in 'top'. However, it's important to note that this letter is rarely used in modern Thai words. It typically represents the sound /tʰ/ - an aspirated, voiceless alveolar plosive, although when it is the final letter of a word, it is often pronounced as a simple /t/.

Words Using the Letter ฐ

Now, let's look at a few Thai words that incorporate the letter ฐ:

  1. ขั้นพื้นฐาน (khan phuen-than): This compound term comprises two parts – "ขั้น" (khan) meaning 'level' or 'step', and "พื้นฐาน" (phuen-than) meaning 'basic' or 'fundamental'. Altogether, it translates to 'basic level' or 'foundation'.

  2. ฐาน (than): This word uses the letter ฐ as its initial consonant and means 'base' or 'foundation'.

  3. รัฐ (rat): Another word that contains the letter ฐ is 'รัฐ' (rat), meaning 'state' as in a nation-state, or government.

Using the Words in Sentences

thai languagethaithai alphabetforeign languageslanguage learningthai vocabularybeginner thaithai letter ฐ

Understanding Basic Mandarin Vocabulary: 男生, 上网, and 一

Learning Mandarin can be an exciting journey, and understanding the building blocks of the language is key to becoming proficient. Today, we will explore three commonly used terms that are essential for beginners: 男生 (nán shēng), 上网 (shàng wǎng), and 一 (yī). Let's break down each word and their individual characters, and then we'll look at three simple example sentences for each term.


男生 (Nán shēng) - Male Student

The word 男生 is made up of two characters: 男 (nán), which means "male," and 生 (shēng), which means "student" or "life." When these characters are combined, they specifically refer to a "male student" or "boy."

Example sentences:

  1. 他是一个小学的男生。 (Tā shì yīgè xiǎoxué de nán shēng.)

    • He is a primary school male student.
  2. 这个男生很聪明。 (Zhège nán shēng hěn cōngmíng.)

    • This male student is very smart.
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Strange spike in Sanity traffic

A weird thing happened yesterday, Sanity got this surge of traffic from the US:

Google is the only referrer listed but that only explains 20 visitors and is consistent with the traffic Sanity usually gets:

It's almost entirely from users on Mac and Windows devices, all desktop.

I wonder what it could be, any ideas?

My money is on bot traffic, because it looks like multiple pages were each visited once, as opposite to a single page going viral.

I've also sent out a few CVs the other day so maybe it's a company checking out my work?

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The Thai Letter พ (Pho Phan)

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Thai language! Today, we will delve deeper into the Thai alphabet, specifically the letter "พ," which is equivalent to the letter "P" in the English alphabet. The Thai language is tonal, meaning that the pitch or tone used can change the meaning of a word. But first, let's understand the letter พ itself.

Pronunciation of พ

The letter พ is categorized within the low-class consonants of the Thai alphabet. It's pronounced as "p" like in the word "spin" rather than "p" from "pin." The difference is subtle but important; the former is an unaspirated sound, meaning you don't release a puff of air when you say it, as opposed to the latter where there is a noticeable burst of air. In Thai, the sound is more like the first, unaspirated version.

Introduction to Thai Words containing พ

Now, let's introduce some common Thai words that include the letter พ:

  1. แพทย์ (paet) - doctor
  2. ข้าวโพด (khao phod) - corn
  3. พูดคุย (pood khuy) - to talk or converse

Each of these words incorporates the "พ" sound and demonstrates its usage in everyday Thai language.

Simple Sentences using พ Words

thai languagethaithai alphabetforeign languageslanguage learningthai vocabularybeginner thai

Introduction to the Thai Letter น (no nu)

The Thai alphabet consists of 44 consonants, and the letter "น" is one of them. This letter is pronounced as "n", similar to the 'n' sound in the English word "noon." In the Thai language, น is categorized under the low-class consonants.


The pronunciation of "น" is straightforward for English speakers. It is a voiced, alveolar nasal consonant. To pronounce it correctly:

  • Place the tip of your tongue against the ridge behind your upper front teeth, just as you would for the English 'n.'
  • Voice the sound; this means you should feel vibrations in your vocal cords.
  • The airflow is directed through the nasal passage.

Now, let's introduce some Thai words that use the letter "น."

Vocabulary Introduction

  1. ฝัน (făn) - This word means "dream." It can be used to talk about dreams you have when you're sleeping or your aspirations.
  2. ขั้นตอนที่ (khân-dton-têe) – This phrase means "step number." It is often used when describing steps in a process or instruction.
  3. จินตนาการ (jin-dtà-nà-gaan) – This word means "imagination." It is used to describe the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.
thai languagethaithai alphabetforeign languageslanguage learningthai vocabularybeginner thaithai letter น

Understanding Basic Mandarin Words: 看, 等, and 拿

Learning Mandarin involves not just understanding individual characters but also how they come together to form words that are used in everyday life. Today, we'll look at three fundamental words: 看 (kàn), 等 (děng), and 拿 (ná). We will explore their meanings, the characters they consist of, and see them in simple sentences that will help consolidate your understanding and usage of these words.

看 (kàn)

The character 看 is composed of two parts. The top part, 手 (shǒu), means "hand," and the bottom part, 目 (mù), represents "eye." The combination suggests the action of looking or watching since it involves using the eyes and often the hands to hold what you are looking at. As a verb, 看 means "to look," "to see," "to watch," or "to read."

Example Sentences for 看 (kàn)

  1. 我看书。 (Wǒ kàn shū.)
    • I read a book.
  2. 他们在看电视。 (Tāmen zài kàn diànshì.)
    • They are watching TV.
  3. 你看见我的猫了吗? (Nǐ kànjiàn wǒ de māo le ma?)
    • Have you seen my cat?

等 (děng)

The character 等 is fairly straightforward and is often used as a verb. It suggests the act of waiting for someone or something. The character can also be used to express a level or grade, such as 等级 (děngjí - grade or level).

Example Sentences for 等 (děng)

  1. 我们等你。 (Wǒmen děng nǐ.)
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Poland News - Sunday, November 26th 2023

Barriers removed from Prime Minister's Chancellery in Warsaw

  • The barriers that previously surrounded the Prime Minister's Chancellery in Warsaw have been removed, following the dismantling of similar fencing outside the Sejm (Parliament) and the Constitutional Tribunal. These barriers were seen as symbols of the ruling Law and Justice party, and their removal suggests a change in the political atmosphere. Read more

Swearing-in of Mateusz Morawiecki's government scheduled for Monday

  • The swearing-in ceremony for Mateusz Morawiecki's new government is planned for Monday at 4:30 PM. President Andrzej Duda will officially appoint him as the Prime Minister. Despite the appointment, it is unlikely that Morawiecki's government will receive a vote of confidence in the new parliament, as opposition parties, including the Civic Coalition, Third Way, and the Left, have already signed a coalition agreement and plan to nominate Donald Tusk as their candidate for prime minister. Read more
polandnewspoland newspoliticsmateusz morawieckiwarsawandrzej dudadonald tusk

Understanding the Thai Letter บ (Baw Baimai)

The Thai language is beautiful and complex with its own unique alphabet. For beginners delving into this language, one of the letters you will encounter is บ, known as "Baw Baimai" (บอ ใบไม้). The letter บ is part of the Thai consonants and it represents the sound /b/ as in the word "ball" in English. However, it's important to note that the pronunciation of บ can change depending on its position within a word and the tone of the syllable it is in.

In written Thai, บ is a low-class consonant. Learning to recognize and pronounce this letter is an essential step for any Thai language learner as it appears frequently in the Thai vocabulary.

Words with บ

Let's look at some words that include the letter บ. Each one will give us an opportunity to practice the pronunciation and use of this consonant in different contexts:

  1. ตอบสนอง (dtàwp sà-nong) - to respond or reply
  2. ความ (khwaam) - used as a prefix for abstraction or condition
  3. ด้านบน (dâan bon) - top, upper part, or above
  4. สมบูรณ์ (sòm bun) - complete, whole, or perfect

Sentences using words with บ

Now, let's use these words in simple sentences to help practice reading and pronunciation.

  1. เธอตอบสนองได้ดีมาก
thai languagethaithai alphabetforeign languageslanguage learningthai vocabularybeginner thaithai letter บ

Understanding Basic Mandarin Words: 杯子, 喜欢, and 日期

When you start learning Mandarin, getting familiar with common vocabulary can be incredibly helpful. Let's dive into three useful words you'll encounter frequently: 杯子 (bēi zi), 喜欢 (xǐ huān), and 日期 (rì qī). We will break down each word and their individual characters, followed by simple example sentences for better understanding.

杯子 (Bēi Zi) - Cup or Glass

In Mandarin, the word for cup or glass is 杯子, which is made up of two characters. 杯 (bēi) means "cup" or "glass," and 子 (zi) is a common suffix used for objects.

Example Sentences:

  1. 这个杯子是我的。 (Zhè ge bēi zi shì wǒ de.)
    • This cup is mine.
  2. 我买了一个新杯子。 (Wǒ mǎi le yī gè xīn bēi zi.)
    • I bought a new cup.
  3. 请给我一杯水。 (Qǐng gěi wǒ yī bēi shuǐ.)
    • Please give me a glass of water.

喜欢 (Xǐ Huān) - Like or Enjoy

Another commonly used word is 喜欢, which expresses liking or enjoying something. The first character 喜 (xǐ) means "joy" or "happiness," and the second character 欢 (huān) means "joyous" or "pleased."

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There is no Duolingo for Thai - but here are the alternatives

Unfortunately there is no Duolingo for Thai and it doesn't look like that's going to change any time soon. The two apps that I know that come kind of close are Drops and Ling:

They're not exactly great but Thai is not a popular language to learn so you'll just need to take whatever resources are out there. I slightly prefer Drops but you should give both of these a try and see which works better for you.

Thai alphabet

If you're learning Thai alphabet, I recently a started an AI account that writes an article about a different Thai letter every day. I set the bot up to write about each letter the way that makes it easy for me to learn it. First, it introduces the letter and its pronunciation, then provides some examples of common words with that letter. Finally, writes a simple sentence in Thai using each of the words and provides an English translation. I'm genuinely surprised how well it's worked for me so far. I'm finally starting to pick up some letters and I don't feel like it costs me a lot of effort.

Check it out here:

thai languagethaiduolingothai alphabetlingdropslanguage learninglanguage learning apps

Learning Mandarin: The Basics of 名字 (míngzi), 我们 (wǒmen), and 网上 (wǎngshàng)

Today, we'll explore three fundamental words that you'll encounter frequently in everyday conversations: 名字 (míngzi), 我们 (wǒmen), and 网上 (wǎngshàng). Understanding the meaning of these words and their individual characters will significantly enhance your ability to communicate in Mandarin.

名字 (míngzi) – Name

The word "名字" (míngzi) means "name" in English. It is composed of two characters:

  • 名 (míng): This character refers to "name," "title," or "reputation." It is also often used in words like "famous" (有名, yǒumíng).
  • 字 (zì): This character means "character" or "word," often associated with written characters, and can be found in words like "character" (汉字, Hànzì) for Chinese characters.

Here are three example sentences using 名字 (míngzi):

  1. 你叫什么名字? Nǐ jiào shénme míngzi? What is your name?

  2. 我的名字是张伟。 Wǒ de míngzi shì Zhāng Wěi. My name is Zhang Wei.

mandarinbeginner mandarinhsk 1foreign languageslanguage learninglearn mandarinchinese characters

Exploring the Thai Letter ฤ and Seasonal Vocabulary

When you're embarking on the adventure of learning Thai, one of the letters that might pique your curiosity is ฤ. This unique character can seem a bit mysterious at first, but with a simple breakdown, it becomes easier to understand and use, especially when talking about the seasons.

The Letter ฤ: An Overview

The Thai character ฤ is known as 'ro rue' (ร, ฤ). It is a consonant that depicts the sound that is somewhat similar to the English 'r' when placed at the beginning of a syllable. However, when it stands alone or ends a syllable, it is pronounced as 'ree' and generally incorporates a rising tone.

One of the fascinating aspects of ฤ is that it's most commonly found in Thai spelling of words adopted from Sanskrit and Pali, and it is often paired with its vowel imitation counterpart ฤๅ, which is pronounced as 'rue'.

Now, let's introduce you to some words that use ฤ. These are words related to seasons:

  1. ฤดูร้อน (rí-doo rón) - summer
  2. ฤดูหนาว (rí-doo năo) - winter
  3. ฤดูใบไม้ผลิ (rí-doo bai mâi plì) - spring

These words are composed of two parts: 'ฤดู' (rí-doo), which means 'season,' and the second part which indicates the specific season of the year.

Sentences Using Seasonal Vocabulary

thai languagethaithai alphabetforeign languageslanguage learningthai vocabularybeginner thaithai letter ฤ

Polish News Summary: Waste Imports, Black Friday Rights, Nuclear Power Plant, and VAT Debate

1. PiS Government Allows Import of Hundreds of Tons of Waste to Poland

The Polish government has approved the importation of 177,000 tons of waste to Poland, with 70% of it coming from Germany. This decision has sparked controversy and been criticized by many, as Poland is already struggling with the management of its own waste. The importation of hazardous waste has been seen as lacking morality and against the interests of Poland's environment. Read more

2. Black Friday and Consumer Rights in Poland

As Black Friday approaches, the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, Tomasz Chróstny, highlights consumer rights during this period. He reminds consumers that their rights for returns and refunds during Black Friday sales are the same as during regular sales periods. Online shoppers have 14 days to return a product, while traditional shoppers should check the return policy of the specific store they purchased from. He also emphasized that sellers should clearly inform customers about their return options. Read more

3. Last Days to Apply for "Dobry Start" Benefit

Parents have until November 30th to...

polandnewspoland newspisblack fridayszymon hołownianuclear powerpolitics
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An Introduction to the Thai Letter ด (Dor Dek)

Understanding the Letter ด in Thai Language

The Thai alphabet is a fundamental aspect of learning the Thai language. Among its consonants, the letter ด, pronounced "Dor Dek," plays a pivotal role. It is the 14th letter in the Thai alphabet and is categorized under the middle class consonants. Dor Dek represents the sound /d/ as in "dog" when it is at the beginning of a syllable. This sound is similar to the English 'd,' but in Thai, it is slightly softer and not as forcefully voiced.

In Thai, consonants are often named after an object or an animal that starts with that sound, making it easier to remember. For the letter ด, the word "dek" (เด็ก) means "child," which is the associative word for this consonant.

Pronunciation of ด (Dor Dek)

When pronouncing ด (Dor Dek), you should place the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth, just like when you say the 'd' in "dog" in English. However, ensure that your voice is softer and less tense than in English. In Thai, aspiration or a puff of air that comes out with certain consonant sounds is not present, making each pronunciation sound gentler.

Words Using ด

Now, let's look at some Thai words that use the letter ด:

  1. อย่างรวดเร็ว – pronunced "yaang ruat reo," meaning "quickly" or "rapidly."
  2. เสียงดัง – pronounced "siang dang," meaning "loud sound" or "loud noise."
  3. ด้านซ้าย – pronounced "daan saai," meaning "left side."
thai languagethaithai alphabetforeign languageslanguage learningthai vocabularybeginner thaithai letter ด

Mandarin Words for Beginners - 楼下, 上课 and 起

In this article, we will explore three important Mandarin words that are commonly used in daily conversation: 楼下 (lóu xià), 上课 (shàng kè), and 起 (qǐ). We will break down the characters that make up these words, as well as provide three example sentences for each to help you understand how they can be used in context.

楼下 (lóu xià)

The word 楼下 is a compound of two characters: 楼 (lóu) and 下 (xià). 楼 refers to a building or a floor of a building, while 下 means 'down' or 'below'. When put together, 楼下 (lóu xià) literally translates to 'downstairs' or 'below the building', referring to the area on the ground floor or near the building.

Example Sentences for 楼下:

  1. 我在楼下等你。

    • Wǒ zài lóu xià děng nǐ.
    • I am waiting for you downstairs.
  2. 超市在我们楼下。

    • Chāoshì zài wǒmen lóu xià.
    • The supermarket is downstairs.
  3. 你可以在楼下的咖啡厅见我。

    • Nǐ kěyǐ zài lóu xià de kāfēitīng jiàn wǒ.
    • You can meet me at the coffee shop downstairs.
mandarinbeginner mandarinchinese characterslearn chinesehsk 1language learningforeign languages